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The Memphis Grizzlies have the #2 overall pick in next week's NBA Draft, and it's much more likely they trade it than use it. The primary reason for that is they simply don't need the player who many expect to be the best available at #2: Ricky Rubio.

Lionel Hollins made a serious commitment to Mike Conley last season, basically giving him a chance to show he can be a starter in the NBA. Conley came through in a big way, averaging 14.6 points and 5.7 assists per game while shooting 48% from the field and over 40% from three-point land since being named the full-time starter. It's highly unlikely the Grizzlies would now draft Rubio, who needs lots of playing time and a team with plenty of patience and a willingness to develop him, and bench Conley just as he's starting to come into his own. The thinking, then, is that the Grizzlies will deal the pick to a team that is willing to invest the time and a starting spot in Rubio.

Enter the Timberwolves.

Minnesota has a new President of Basketball Operations in David Kahn who's looking to make a "big splash" in the draft. It would be hard to make a bigger splash than landing the #2 overall pick, drafting your floor general of the future, and then getting Kevin Love's replacement with your own pick at #6. The Timberwolves are reportedly also very high on Jordan Hill, who is arguably the best power forward in the draft (assuming we call Blake Griffin a center, which might be a stretch).

It wouldn't be an easy decision for the Timberwolves, especially if Kevin McHale actually returns to coach the team again next season. His pet project is Kevin Love, and their mutual respect and admiration helped Love emerge as a solid player after a rough start to his rookie year. Love averaged close to 16 and 10 in March, his best month of the season, starting 16 of his 17 games. It's easy to see why the Grizzlies would want him.

The Grizzlies don't seem to be sure about whether Marc Gasol is a four or a five. His defensive abilities make him a five, but he has more offensive ability that your typical center. The Grizzlies initially played Darko Milicic alongside Gasol before finally opting to rookie Darrell Arthur at the four. Arthur was a solid contributor, but didn't play well enough to start for most teams. Adding Love would give the Grizzlies a serious starting front line and get them one giant leap closer to holding their own in the NBA's toughest division

The Timberwolves get the point guard they crave as well as another promising power forward and filler. The question now is, will someone else make the Grizzlies a better offer?

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Already brought it up

but one of those Knicks dude thinks Love isn't worth the 2nd pick

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my bad,anyways i think it's a GREAT deal for minnie-soda

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not going to happen

i dont think thats going to happen if memphis wants kevin love back they should of kept him when they drafted him last year then draft james harden this year if they wouldnt of got oj mayo its too late now

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Doesn't worth it

Kevin Love for the #2, honestly, does it worth it? I don't think so, they can have Thabeet which is very complementary of Marc Gasol. Darko Milicic can play 4 or be traded (for Quentin Richardson?) and they can try to get Anderson Varejao as they already tried few years ago. In my opinion, they don't really need Kevin Love, especially if he plays along with Marc Gasol, the defense will be way to weak.

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okay if memphis gets love

okay if memphis gets love back for the 2nd pick, then there's gay love = mayo in the team. lol.

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Why would

Minny give up Love! He is a 2x2 machine. That is hard to find. Minny needs a pg. this is the best year ever to get a quality pg. Minny will not trade up or down the will get their pg of the future!

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Maybe Love+18th...I would do

Maybe Love+18th...I would do that if I was Memphis...I don't think Love is worth the #2 straight up...he hasn't proved himself enough yet...his numbers only went up when Big Al was out, and he was the only big man option and the only one with decent rebounding skills.

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NO WAY IN HELL WILL THEY TRADE LOVE! Kevin love finished in the top 5 of rookie voting and will be a 20 n 10 guy in 3 years.

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why not trade love?

why not try trade LOVE to the Bulls.

lets say Bulls trade Hinrich, Tim Thomas +16th & 26th pick for Love, Miller+ 18th pick.

with this trade Wolves will have their much needed PG and some expiring contracts + extra picks.
while Bulls get a PF that can score down low and a big SG.

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conley did not average 14.7 and 5 assist

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Hinrich is a solid NBA

Hinrich is a solid NBA player. He is NOT trash. One thing to say I don't like the trade, but that is not an accurate assessment. You haven't seen Hinrich play much if you make that statement. With McHale gone, it may be essier for Wolves to trade Love. Just because they traded him, doesn't mean they don't like him. they got Mayo for him, remember? Love and the #2 pick in exchange make sense. Not as is, but if Wolves through another chip in, deal has merit. Jefferson and Love are not great combo. both good-very good, but not together. Grizzlies can't keep pick and will take best offer. Love and some other piece to puzzle would make sense.

Also, value of picks are not concrete. I saw a rumor that Stoudemire was being shopped to Wizards in exchange for #5. I'm talking about a real source, not a bogus pipedream posted here by some goofball thinking his team would trade a ballrack for Lebron and Kobe. If Stoudemire and #5 pick are mentioned as princible in deal, then Love and #2 can't be TOO FAR off.

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