The Big Ticket in California

I heard that Kevin Garnett is being recruited by UCLA. They said that since he had not gone to college and straight to the NBA that he is still NCAA eligible. Is there any truth to this? Has anyone else heard about it? Just imagine how guys like KG, LeBron, J'Oneal, Kobe, Dwight Howard, and others who could go back maybe at the end of their careers and play college ball, while getting a degree. Will many of the big time schools want these guys at the end of their careers?

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Besides the fact that any player would have to give up all contracts and commercial endorsements, residuals, agents....... just too many hurdles, and on top of that, WTF would any accomplished NBA player want to prove anything against college kids competition?

Is this a late Aprils fools joke?

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are you kidding me.

are you kidding me.

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