Big Ten Overload: Michigan drops Kansas in OT 87-85

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Big Ten Overload: Michigan drops Kansas in OT 87-85

Soooooooooooooooooo much Big Ten. It's getting suffocating.

Still, it was quite the game, a hotly contested deathmatch that showed the best sides of both teams. Truly one of the best, if not the best game in the tournament so far. Kansas had the lead going into the half, but Michigan stormed back, only to drain a game tying 3 that sent the game into overtime. Energized by the game saver, Michigan outplayed Kansas, who found themselves unable to close, a disappointing finish to what was a great season.

Nearly everyone on both teams had a great game. Despite not getting much help from their bench, Trey Burke and Mitch McGary had high-scoring nights, combining for 48 points between them. Burke also racked up 10 assists to boost his case for National Player of the year. Kansas also performed valiantly in the loss. Projected top 10 pick Ben McLemore finally found his shooting touch, racking up 20 points in a balanced attack for Kansas. Naadir Tharpe, despite getting 7 assists, only shot a poor 1-8 from the field, including 0-4 from 3. Perhaps things could have gone differently had he had a better shooting night.

Am I happy about the result? Not really as it means my bracket is officially dead. But my loss aside, it looks like there could be a potential all-Big Ten Final Four. Is this conference strong, or what?


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I like the Big Ten but gonna

I like the Big Ten but gonna be awful tough for a Big Ten team to come out of the East.

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Except at least one Big East

Except at least one Big East team is guaranteed to make it. And the Big East is guaranteed to have at least as many teams in the elite 8, so while I agree the Big 10 is strong, I would say the Big East might have been a bit underrated in its final year.

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Except Syracuse and Marquette

Except Syracuse and Marquette are the only teams left in the East...

I'm so upset I missed this game. But I was playing so at least I had a good reason to miss it lol. I couldn't believe Burke hit that 3 when I saw it for the first time. Shot of the tournament so far for sure

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You could tell the media spin

You could tell the media spin when whatever his name is, some representative for the NCAA made mention of how this is going to be the best tournament ever because all the teams are equal. Little did he mention that they are are equally bad. The Michigan/Kansas game was by far the best so far. In general, this hasn't been an exciting tournament. Way too low scoring.

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How is it going to be an

How is it going to be an All-Big 10 Final Four if there's only 2 Big 10 teams left in the Elite 8?

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