Big Sully Ushering In The New Year Right

Averaging 10 and 10 over his last 5 games!

This guy was the steal of the draft.

Old school post player with off the charts intangibles (heart, leadership, character, dedication, discipline, determination, etc)...that's mah man Sully for ya!

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I still think Drummond was

I still think Drummond was the steal of the draft considering his upside for where he was taken. Sullinger is doing great for us, but I still worry about his size and weight limiting his upside.

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I'm not worried about his

I'm not worried about his size or weight, I'm more concerned about his bulging dicks.

Seems to be a problem.

Dale Worthington
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LOL, legendary freudian slip

LOL, legendary freudian slip is legendary.

I think Andy Katz was watching too much gay pr0n.

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