Big night

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Big night

For the T-wolves. Beasly had a huge game vs Chris Paul and the Hornets. He had 30pts 9rbs and 7 helpers. And at last the T-wolves finished off a game! All 5 starters had at least 10 pts. And they played pretty good team D. And they beat a team above .500!

So i have to ask. Can Beasley turn into this type of player every game? will the Wolves win more then 30 games? And in 2 seasons could they be a low playoff seed? I know it is alot to hope for. But hey would i be a good fan if i didn't dream?

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I don't know about 2 seasons,

I don't know about 2 seasons, but IMO they have a very bright future ahead of them. They should probably draft a young center to develop and it will be interesting to see if Rubio comes over...

They have good money management, too Beasley is the highest payed player at just 4.9 million a year.

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