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"The Big Chucker"

If a player shot 8-27 and dropped 40 points in a loss which NBA player would it most likely be?

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maybe monta ellis.40 points

Maybe Monta Ellis.
40 points on 27 shots only 8 makes, isnt that bad though.
That would mean that he got to the line a lot.

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40 points on 8 made FG would

40 points on 8 made FG would be pretty impressive, even if it took him 27 shots to do so. If one or two of those shots were 3's he'd still have made over 20 FT's.

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Kobe first came to mind,

Kobe first came to mind, maybe Melo?

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^^^ congratulations we have

^^^ congratulations we have the first kobe hater ^^^^

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Melo, Kobe, Durant, and Harden come to mind

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I'm gonna go with Harden, he

I'm gonna go with Harden, he got to the line around ten times per game.

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The worst FG %

I could find under the criteria first stated was Michael Jordan, going for 40 points against Golden State while only shooting 11-30 (36.7%, though he was 18-19 from the line) in a loss during the 1986 season. Kobe went 17-47 (36%, 7-7 FT) during a 2002 loss to Boston, though he scored 41 points. Kobe also went 13-37 (35.1%, 15-19 FT) in a 2005 loss to Memphis, finishing with 45 points.

Allen Iverson's worst shooting 40 point game seems to be a 2002 game where he went 13-36 (36.1%, 14-16 FT), though the 6ers beat the Pacers. Paul Pierce also had a relatively poor shooting night in Boston's 2003 play-off match-up with the Pacers, though he put up 40 on 8-24 (33.3%, amazing 21-21 FT to make up for it) and the Celts won. So, unless this was a college game or just a question you wanted to know the answer to for kicks, Pierce is the fewest FG's and lowest % I could find over 40. Though, his team did win.

BTW,, you rule:

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