With BG walking....

What do we do at the two and more importantly how did we not take a guard (any guard) with either of our picks? Derrick and Kirk are the only guards who actual play. Salmons can play 2, but has always been a 3 first. I tried to roll with the draft as I don't particularly dislike either guy, but I felt we could've done much better (really don't know how we didn't take Chase Budinger at 26). Gar is officially scaring the hell out of me.

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I'm with you. Gordon said

I'm with you. Gordon said they never made an offer, meaning they knew they weren't going to re-sign him. With that knowledge, they should have drafted Ellington or Budinger. Hinrich makes a great 3rd guard, but Salmons, Rose and Hinrich is a very thing backcourt. Remember a year ago they almost didn't draft Rose because they had too many good guards? Hard to believe now. They look like a .500 team right now, which is the worst spot to be in the NBA. You either need to contend or get a lotto pick, especially next year. The draft may be the best since the year of Lebron, Melo, Wade and Bosh who will become free agents a year from now. Forman and Pax have a year to get their act together because if they screw-up next offseason, we are cooked for a looooong time.

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Im not happy wit Gordon

Im not happy wit Gordon leaving...
I really think we should go out and get Turk another scorer cuz were getting slim on those
But on the bright side we still a have D.ROSE and i think he can get us 20+ and 7 everynite now that BEN is gone

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in hindsight...

Jeff Teague would've been really nice at 16 and I wouldn't have minded jrue holliday either. I believe Teague would've been a hell of a 6th man/bench scorer for us to replace Ben with. I always wanted us to let Ben walk, just really thought we would've had SOMEONE to fill in a little at least.

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i kinda feel maravich on the ellington at 26 if he was there, dont remember, but chase buddinger is not good at all, yea u'll see when he plays, and drafting a point gaurd with a high pick makes no sense at all, especially a rook, with the bulls not doing this, kirk prob wont get traded. once again everyone is sleeping on james johnson and taj gibson, but like i said once they start playing, and playing good stick to what u guys were saying now and not jump on em like man these guys are good. Bulls had a great draft, theyll sing a gaurd just to get through the season for 2010, then u can judge. But letting gordon go was fine, if it was up to me i would of traded loul deng (pure trash, and a thief) and kept gordon.

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That narrows the list of

That narrows the list of candidates down quite a bit, leaving really only two teams who look like a big enough mess to contend for the most ping pong balls in next year’s lottery: the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic.

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