Best/Worst move in the draft

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Best/Worst move in the draft

Who do you think guys made the best and worst moves of the draft? Could be anything such as picking a player perfect for your system (J. Hill) taking a player who fell into your laps (D.Blair) taking the right player for a team need or etc., or just passing up on someone who would have been a bad pick for your team. Vise versa for worst moves.

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The 2 things that really stand out to me are that the Wolves picked pg's at 5&6, and that Buddinger fell as low as he did. Houston should get some props for taking advantage of the fact that everyone wanted to sell picks in order to save money and thus got 3 good guys in the second round.

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Best- Hill at 8....I

Best- Hill at 8....I mean...steal of the draft!!!! Dont forget, Williams at 11 and Henderson at 12..very solid picks.

Worst- Evans at 4.....Seattle may have just found its new Franchise. Hansbrough at 13...Larry Bird compared this man to Dave Cowens....

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san antonio

got 2 good players that will be able to contribute in the nba immediately. i dont see why blair fell so low but great pick-up by the spurs. mcClinton can just shoot lights out;off screens, off dribble hell be good late in games.

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I'm not a big Blair fan, but

I'm not a big Blair fan, but he's a perfect fit in between Duncan and Jefferson. How he fell so low into the 2nd round is beyond me. Fell into the perfect place though. Bulls shouldn't have taken Taj at 26th pick. Blair, Ellington or Budingert would have been much better suited for Bulls needs. Minnesota drafting all the point guards was goofy too.

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worst: Portland passing up

worst: Portland passing up on Blair 3 times.
best: Grizzlies they Carroll, Young, and Thabeet.

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NY gettting hill was a good

NY gettting hill was a good thing for them. OKC getting mullens for some PG who's name i can't pronounce was good for them. The teams who got Budinger and Blair(top 20 talent, blair was predicted to go 12 in some drafts) did good.

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So it seems blairs knees scared most team away. He is still a better, faster ,smaller Kurt Thomas. Spurs are back with RJ. I would be very surprised to see Bowen, Thomas and Oberto in the league next year. Maybe bowen back with the spurs as a 12th man.

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A lot of teams, not just Portland, are going to regret passing on Blair.

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Spurs- Blair was obviously a steal. Getting Richard Jefferson by giving away virtually nothing was a clutch move. De Colo was rated as a top 5 international prospect by Chad Ford. McClinton was the best 3pt shooter in the draft according to the stats.

Warriors- Curry was the best shooter in the draft and he fits Golden States offensive system to perfection.

Bucks- Meeks was a top 5 shooter in this draft, he is very good 2nd round pick. Jennings was the best PG on the board and he has star potential. Getting rid of Jefferson hurt but it saved the Bucks a lot of money. They can now pursue some free agents to make up for the loss of Jefferson. Plus they already had Moute & Alexander to step into the SF spot.

76ers- IMO Holiday was a top 10 talent so getting him at #17 was a great move. Philly needed a PG for the future and they found one.

Nets- Losing their star player in Carter and a promising young talent in Ryan Anderson for a bunch of garbage hurts. That was a terrible move unless they can sign LeBron or Bosh next year. TWill was an OK pick at 11 but I think Earl Clark or James Johnson would've been better choices.

Lakers- I understand LA just wanted to re-sign Odom & Ariza but while other teams got alot better through trades & the draft the Lakers just got a year older. They could've gotten a player at #29 who could help. Stocking up on young talent is important even for a championship team. Obviously the Lakers aren't worried about the future.

Pistons- Taking Daye at 15 was a huge reach lets be honest. Jerebko was a solid pick. I think Summers is a bust. Drafting 3 SFs doesn't make since. They passsed on Blair and some good PGs that would've allowed Stuckey to play off the ball some.

Thunder- Mullens is a bust. There were better players available at 25. Harden is a real good pick but I thought they should've taken Rubio and used him as trade bait. Also they bought/traded for Robert Vaden who will never make it in the league.

Hornets- I thought drafting Collison at 21 was a mistake. I saw him as a 2nd round talent. They passed on Blair and other PGs who were better than Collison. I don't see how Collison really helps them at all come playoff time. Thornton in the 2nd round was OK.

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