The Best's of the Draft

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The Best's of the Draft

Best Athlete: DeMar Derozen, Blake Griffin, Gerald Henderson
My Pick: Demar Derozen

Best Shooter: Stephen Curry, Wayne Ellington, Jodie Meeks
My Pick: Stephen Curry

Best Shooting Big Man: Austin Daye

Best Court Vision: Johnny Flynn, Ricky Rubio, Brandon Jennings
My Pick: Ricky Rubio

Best Speed: Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, Patrick Mills
My Pick: Ty Lawson

Best Defensive Big Man: Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, Jordan Hill
My Pick: Hasheem Thabeet

Best Defensive Guard: James Harden, Ricky Rubio, Terrence Williams
My Pick: Ricky Rubio

Best Strength: Blake Griffin, DeJuan Blair, Tyler Hansbrough
My Pick: Blake Griffin

Best Ball Handler: Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, Johnny Flynn
My Pick: Tyreke Evans

Best Versatility: Tyreke Evans, James Johnson, Earl Clark
My Pick: Earl Clark

Best Potential: Blake Griffin, Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozen
My Pick: Brandon Jennings

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Evans is definitely not the

Evans is definitely not the best ballhandler; unless you mean for his size. All of the munchkin ballhandlers like Flynn, Lawson, Jennings are better ballhandlers. But for his size and strength Evans is amazing.
Also Jennings is probably faster than Lawson according to most people - I haven't seen Jennings enough to say myself.
Pretty good list though.

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Pretty good, except Bramdon Jennings

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Dan Peterson: Rubio is the real deal

Dan Peterson is convinced that Ricky Rubio can handle the rigours of the NBA and be successful from the get-go.

The former Italian league coach and Milan-based broadcaster also lashed out at fellow draft entrant Brandon Jennings, responding to the barb by Jennings that Rubio was nothing more than a You Tube fad.

"Ricky Rubio is not overhyped," said Peterson, who broadcast several of Jennings' games last season for Lottomatica Virtus Roma.

"Jennings is overhyped. He has it all backwards. He is all about trying to dominate one-on-one, all concerned with individual talent. I find it hilarious."

Peterson did admit that Jennings' had the physical package to succeed in the NBA, with lightning-quick pace and upside, but thought that the Roma youngster was still not NBA-ready.

Rubio, however, is primed to take over the NBA by storm.

"One of the things that happens in the NBA, everybody has a theory on what a guy can't do. That's all you hear. Sacramento would be very lucky to get Ricky Rubio. It would be a good place for (Rubio), the capital city of California, not too big."

"He is just a terrific player, though he needs to improve his three-point shooting. He gets into the lane, draws fouls, has the whole package. People would love him there. He's a winner."

"I would throw myself in front of a bus for Ricky Rubio. But I would have a hard time having Brandon Jennings on my team. I would send him home."

Meanwhile, the New York Knicks are rumoured to be interested in trading up in the upcoming NBA draft to snag Spanish point guard prodigy.

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