Best situations for Melo..

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Best situations for Melo..

Here are the top 4 teams that Melo should want to go to, in order from best to worst..

Orlando Magic:

To me, this is a no brainer.. The Magic have been able to make the playoffs for a while with basically the same team every year.. The one thing this team really needs is a true go to guy.. Carter was supposed to be the answer but at this point in his career, it looks like he is ready to accept a back seat role to win a ring.. The Magic could be willing to swing some big peices to get Melo and really stay relevant in Florida.. Could send something like Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, and a first round pick for Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, and maybe another player to make salaries even out..

This would allow the Nuggets to stay semi relevant while starting to rebuild with the contract of Carter coming off the books and a first round pick.. Also, if Rashard's contract wasnt so inflated, he would be thought of as a really good player.. For the Magic, it gives them a starter at the 4 to compelent Howard and a go to guy in Melo..

Chicago Bulls:

Come on.. With guys like Rose, Boozer and Noah to play with, any SF in the league should want to go there.. This team is looking like a contender right now but with a guy like Melo to take some pressure off of Rose and Boozer, this team is an instant canidate.. A trade could go down like this: Carmelo Anthony and Chris Anderson for Luol Deng, James Johnson, Taj Gibson and a first round pick... I think that would come close to evening out salaries but others could be included to make that work..

With Deng, the Nuggets dont take a big step back.. IMO, they would still be a playoff team that would need to focus on defense. Taj is a starter as soon as Martin leaves and Johnson is a guy that could be a good player with some development.. This is a "duh" for the Bulls.. Get a great scorer and a backup C/PF..

Runners up:

NY Knicks
Atlanta Hawks
LA Clippers

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Melo Options

I could not agree with you more 8th.

Chicago is not being mentioned, although they should be included in the Melo derby. If I am Denver, I would ask for Noah in that deal. It appears the Nugs have their backs against the wall on this one and are not in a great position of strength to negotiate too hard on moving Melo. I don't see Denver allowing Melo to walk without something in return (hello Cleveland/Toronto) and at the very least, they have to wait until the trade deadline to move him.

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Interesting thing there. I'm

Interesting thing there. I'm curious though, why are the Knicks, and Hawks on ur runner up list? Whats so intriguing about the knicks and the Hawks? Wouldn't a team such as the Dallas Mavericks be pretty interesting? or say the Milwaukee Bucks? both of those teams would be power houses with Melo, and both have assets that they could offer. I'm not saying either of those teams are going to try to trade for him, but play devils advocate here, I wonder why they cant, or why Melo doesnt like those teams, and why you have picked the teams you picked.

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Orlando would be a good team

Orlando would be a good team to add Melo. However, I don't know who these "prospects" Orlando has. Vince Carter's 19 mil contract, Marcin Gortat and a 1st rounder is getting a quick hangup if it was me.

I think Houston and New Jersey have the best chances to get him in a trade.

New Jersey-


If he hits the market, I believe the Knicks will land him.

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kings a runner up?

you can add the kings into the mix (even though the kings are building through the draft) they have some good young pieces to move in a deal casspi (unlikely), donte, jason thompson, and whiteside(the second coming of marcus camby) all hold some value and all of them have yet to hit their prime or landry and dalembert who are in contract years.

On the other side for melo he goes to a team with a new, younger big three and a very good line up reke, garcia, melo, landry, cousins. But melo doesn't want to play in sacramento and never will, hell i don't even like Sacramento and ima kings fan

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Houston's Lineup after your Trade

PG - Lowry, Lee?
SG - Martin, Lee, Afflalo
SF - Carmelo, Patterson?
PF - Scola, Patterson, Hayes
C - Yao, Andersen, Miller

Can that get us a Title?

I'd like to keeps Brooks, Battier, & Budinger.
I'd understand losing two of them, but not all three. Use our Draft Picks instead.. or cut loose one the players on Denvers side.

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He should

He should want to go to NY...which he does. And more importantly so does his wife lol.
My beef with the Orlando scenario is the Nugs would get an over the hill VC, and a 3 point specialist with a outrageous contract, and a late first round pick. From the Nuggets standpoint there is no way they do that deal. They are gonna want young up and coming players, not guys who have seen there best days already. Plus if he goes to Orlando he wouldnt even be the 2nd best player in the state.

NY has Stoudemire and a bunch of good role players, 3 young very talented players (Randolph, Gallinari, and Chandler) and the Knicks will still be well under the cap for next season to sign whoever they want. And if he brings a title to NY like he did for Syracuse, he will be the King of NY.

So go right ahead and minus me now, but its just my opinion.

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I think Houston could be the

I think Houston could be the #2 seed if they got that lineup. I don't know who's the set up guy on that offense but it would be a good team. Really good.

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I can understand a team trading for Melo if they are contending for a title, but there is no guarantee he would resign with a team that is "renting" him until the end of the year, when he becomes a free agent. That is why I think a team like the Nets(who will likely not contend) would not trade for him unless there was some mutual agreement that he would definately resign. Melo wants to contend for a title now, he doesn't want to wait for team to develop their young talent.

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Yea I think him landing in

Yea I think him landing in Orlando would be the best place for him. They could use the big time scorer and guy that can create his on shot in the clutch (something they missed last season with out hedo) and having Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy's defensive scheme would help hide Melo.

Quick Question though for Orlando fans, How big will the lost of Matt Barnes be? (Tough minded defensive wing player for a team with a lot of soft wings)

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Da1Pot melo said he would

Da1Pot melo said he would sign an extension if traded to the nets so they wouldn't be renting him

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i just posted a comment

i just posted a comment saying he should go to orlando, chicago or LAC like an hour ago.
I like what biggy smalls said about dallas or milwaukee. i would even throw san antonio in the mix.

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one question

with the nets deal why wud nuggets want harris wen the have billups 4 this year and lawson 4 the future ?

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If he leaves (which I kinda

If he leaves (which I kinda hope he doesn't) I really really hope he ends up in Orlando.

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Denver should take the best deal...

Denver should take the best deal, and that would be to trade with the Rockets because the Rockets have the best package with picks (2011 swap with NYK, 2012 NYK pick), young players, and expiring contracts.

The Nets can put Favors in the deal and they also have a few good young players, expiring and picks.

The Knicks have Cheeseburger's contract, Galli, and maybe Randolph. Chandler and Douglas can also be included, but the Knicks can't trade their pick until 2014.

If the Nuggets trade away Melo, they better start rebuilding and this makes Magic unattractive because they don't have too much cheap young talent to be included (Anderson and Orton ain't really elite young prospects). The pick would be the last a few picks which are not all that helpful.

Melo would be willing to sign extension with these teams, then for the Nuggets, it would be:
1) Houston
2) New Jersey
3) New York
4) Orlando

Unless the Nuggets is crazy enough to think taking Lewis' contract is a good idea and wanna stay "competitive" in the tough West, good luck with that.

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i actually like New York

i actually like New York situation because he has Amare and coach that will help him be one of the top scorers and young players who can get better. They also have room to add more player via cap space. Also I am pretty convinced that Melo is going somewhere east coast. Orlando would not be a bad fit either but I am like where will he fit and also does this mean Orlando moves Lewis.

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This team doesn't get mentioned much but

Charlotte Could be a dark horse team for carmello, with MJ as the owner, and the jordan brand link. its also CP3's(also jordan brand) home town. they could also offer a really competitive package. something like

The dampier contract, Gerald wallace, Tyrus thomas and gerald henderson for Carmelo and Kevin Martin. Charlotte doesn't really have anyone contracted past 2012 should chris paul decide to opt out.

Then there is always a chance they can fill out their roster with guys who played college ball in north carolina, duke, wake and any of the other schools from around there.

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This is a bad situation for

This is a bad situation for Denver to be in it seems as though they really have no choice but to trade him and I dont think that they are going to get fair value for him. Also from what I have been hearing about this Carmelo wants to go to a big market team so that exclues quite a few teams. And I heard on the radio last night the reason why he doesnt want to stay is because he hasnt been given any credit for the nuggets success the past couple of years. If this is true that is a dumb reason to want to leave he says that all the credit goes to coach karl and billups I really dont understand that. Everyone knows that he is the face and the engine that drives that team he needs a better excuse than that.

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