Best Player You've Played

Tyreke Johnson
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Best Player You've Played

Who is the best player you as a player have ever went up against?
Mine would be PJ Hairston this prior AAU season, he played for CP3 All Stars who by the way killed my team and they actually ended the game early, anyway he is a top 35 player on ESPN, ranked #31 overall, he is a 6'6 SG who has a great handle, terrific outside shot, kinda selfish though but he at least dropped 30 on my team, I guarded him for about half the game (I played up for this tournament wasn't even my age group) and he could not be stopped, he dunked it, pulled up from three, crossover, pull up jumper, you name it he pretty much did it, very versatile player but he did not post me up nor any of my teammates, probably wasn't part of his team's system but he is a great player, going to play for North Carolina for the 2011-2012 season.

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Javaris Crittenton and Lance

Javaris Crittenton and Lance Storrs I would say.

Crittenton always played at a place in Atlanta called Run 'N Shoot, and he's extremely fast and athletic on top of being extremely strong and tall. And he throws dimes in a pickup game setting like that. Him being like 6'5 allowed him to play his natural PG spot and every other position on the floor. He held back a little, but he was still dominant LOL (as you would expect).

Lance Storrs also plays at the same place. He sucks for GT and the people always talk sh*t about him because of it LMAO, but the guy has a crazily nice jump shot. He won't miss when left open

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chris douglass roberts

i played against him in high school during summer league. the guy came down on one trip and threw a full court no look pass, next trip he dunked w/ two hands, then he came down again, crossed over the best player on the team and hit a three on the helpside man. he was only a junior at the time.

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played against

I've said this before, but one day at my rec center, Gheorge Muresan from the Bullets shows up to do a clinic with kids and a group of some older kids halfheartedly ask him to play in a pickup game with them. Well, I guess he didn't understand that he was supposed to go easy, because on the first possesion, he dunked on this kid who was about 5'9. He seemed to be taking the game very seriously for some reason....

I've also played against current Ilinois power forward Mike Davis. He was pretty good in high school I guess, but was really raw, too. Him being 6'9 in a public school setting meant the only way he had to score was dunk the ball.

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Darrell Armstrong. I was

Darrell Armstrong. I was visiting my grandparents in Dallas about 6 years ago and I went to go play some pick up at an outdoor court. He was there and asked me to play one on one. He ended up winning 3 outta our 4 games. He was super quick even at an older age!

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alec burks sg for colorado in

alec burks sg for colorado in a fall league before his senior year ,, trevor relaford pg for alabama he is a wizard with the basketball

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Othello Hunter, he is much

Othello Hunter, he is much bigger in person.

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Mark Madsen. I was just

Mark Madsen.

I was just hangin' out at the Target Center (my girlfriend is a dancer on their dance team) and good old "Mad Dog" Mark Madsen invited me onto the court to play some ball with him.

He's the only NBA player I've played against, so I guess that makes him the best player I've played against.

PS- Mark Madsen really sucks at basketball. Nice guy though.

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Keith Langford in a pickup

Keith Langford in a pickup game at the KU Rec, I didn't guard him, but I tipped one of his passes, lol
I also played Dennis Lattimore of Arizona and Notre Dame in AAU, he killed us there were 6'7 and 6'9 guys in our league but they were stiffs, Lattimore was athletic and probably had 4 dunks in the post. I think we lost by 40

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Hilton Armstrong when he

Hilton Armstrong when he played at Peekskill


Ben Gordon when he played at Mount Vernon

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Korie Lucious at Marquette

Korie Lucious at Marquette Summer Camp and Jamil Wilson in state tournament senior year

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UVA boys

Playing at the gym at UVA I played against Tristan Spurlock and Jontel Evans which isn't saying much for now but hopefully in a few years it will prove to be something.

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jermaine myers

this guy is amazing and hez a legend in brampton and he lived the street behind mine. my street had the best ballers in the area and we played there block and he handled are whole team. hez in the states now i think culver

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Joel Przybilla

The best player that I have played against is Joel Przybilla ( who plays for the Portland Trailblazers). He is the brother of one of my best friends, Matt. We used to play ball all the time growing up.
In several different summer basketball camps I have also played briefly with Mark Madsen and Trent Tucker..

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Seattle-Spokane area

Adam Morrison, Martell Webster, Terrence Williams. Played with Josh Heytvelt Hawes and Brockman.

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Best i've played

Howard/J. Smith/Morris for Atlanta Celtics. They played volleyball with our shots.

Shannon Brown, played him when we both were Illinois Warriors, him being a yr older and our high school teams played each other in summer leagues (no dee brown though)

Colin Falls, not a huge name considering he was a solid but not spectacular player for UND. He was really hard to guard because you could not give him 6 inches with his shot.

Brian Randle (He literally "threw" my 15 ft jumpshot into the 15th row of the stands haha)

Shaun Livingston

A few others over 5-6 yrs of AAU ball

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I go to a private school in

I go to a private school in Mississippi so I don't have a chance to play anyone lol I tried to find an AAU team but there's not one around. We tried to start one, but my current high school coach was the coach and he SUCKS. Like really really bad. So we don't have an AAU team anymore lol

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Im from the Reno area and

Im from the Reno area and played with and against Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson since 7th grade til senior year of hs. Ive played JR Smith, Brooke and Robin Lopez, Austin Daye, Anthony Randolph, and i was HS teammate with coach Pete Newells grandson...and he was awesome

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Played against Keith Appling,

Played against Keith Appling, going to Michigan St. this yr.

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Kenyon Murray came to may

Kenyon Murray came to my team's basketball camp last year,

He was 40 something and lost his ups....

And he still beat me in a one-on-one.

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Melo and reke evans

Melo and reke evans

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best ive

Im from Saginaw play for a high school called bridgeport but ive played against the best out here, Jason Richardson when i was little, Dar Tucker the D-League Dunk contest champ a couple years ago, Draymond Green, Ray Macallum from Detroit, and Maurice Jones whos a 5 foot 7 beast look out for him at USC next year. Ohh and i cant forget my boy D Ham jr. Darvin Hams son

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well, ive played with: mike

well, ive played with:

mike trimboli, he played for vermont a couple years back. couldve played for a top school imo
eric jen guilanme - hes actually my friend i play ball w/ him at la fitness alot, and he plays d2 right now, but hes a soph. and hes looking to be the player of the year for d2 bball, and if not then hes gonna transfer to a top program, and then hes gonna one day be in the nbdl and then the nba! mark my words people this kid is unreal, an hes my boy.
ive played with alot of players from sacred heart u, fairleigh dickinson's center, i played with this kid who was gonna play for western kentucky but drugs got the best of him.
*played w/ the 9th pick in the nfl draft*

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