best pg in ten years

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best pg in ten years

imma a chicago guy i grew up with rose so i give him an edge but its a lot of talented yung pgs in this era that can dominate or potentially dominate a game on certain levels but i think u need good defensive tools to be a great pg rondo can defend but he doesnt have a killer jumper i really like steph curry i think it will be him and rose in the next ten years in the argument cuz rose cant shoot as good as curry n i think hell get a lot of triple doubles in his career in my opinon rose is better now but if curry turns to a lockdown defender hes already a good playmaker we can see some great pg battles in the future i like rubio as well he is a uniqe yung talent he can easily in ma opinion with the right tools can turn a team to a playoff conteder he can shoot,defend, and make play. hes aggresive too but out of those three who will have the better career in ten years

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