best pg

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best pg

if you were starting en expansion team and building your team around the draft and free agency and you had the first pick pick but could only take a point guard who would it be?

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Out of this draft I would

Out of this draft I would take Rubio. I can't think of any free agents that are better than he should be. Curry is a tweener, right for the right system. Jennings is a possibility as are Flynn and others, but from a scratch situation, Rubio is the guy I would build around.

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For some reason I would have

For some reason I would have to take Evans. I just think he is going to be a stud.

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If I could only use this

If I could only use this draft- I would take Holiday. I am a huge Holiday fan and I think he will succeed at the next level

If i could take ANY PG- Rose. I think we only saw a snippet of greatness from him last year. Give him a big man (Stoudemire?) and he could be a assist machine.

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i love rubio. but i honestly feel evans is gunna be a star. he can shoot penetrate and handle the ball. he works in any system and you can easily build a team of role players around him

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Steph Curry: High Bball IQ,

Steph Curry: High Bball IQ, lethal shot (w/unlimited range), solid pg skills, and HEART....

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I think is the best pg. But if I was drafting for an expansion team, I would take curry, because curry can score at will and expansion teams need scoring.

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