Best Passer in college basketball?

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Best Passer in college basketball?

who is the best passer in college who will be able to do it in the pros?

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best passer

dominic james from marquette or nic wise from arizona. i would say stephen curry considering he is averaging over 6 and a half assists a game. but he is skinny and short, and will be no good in the pros according to the expert analysts on this message board so we will leave him out.

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If you can get assists at shooting guard like James Harden does (4.2 per game, a pretty solid number in college basketball), I don't see why you couldn't do it in the pros. Curry is a pretty good passer, but it isn't that hard to find somebody open with two defenders on you. Besides, Curry is also averaging 3.8 TOs per game. I know he has the ball an awful lot and is asked to make a ton of plays for his team, but Harden is in a similar situation and doesn't run the offense, and averages just as many points per game and only 2 less assists per contest. As pro prospects, I absolutely love James Harden. His versatility is unrivaled in college basketball, and has every intangible working in his favor. In my opinion, Harden is a future All-Star caliber player. Curry, however, will probably be limited to a sixth-man role in the mold of Ben Gordon who will be asked to come on off the bench and provide some instant offense, simply because he is too undersized to play adequate defense in the NBA.

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best passer

First one that came to mind for me was Nick Calethes from Florida, who is a great passer and a sick PG. Close second is Levance Fields from Pitt. Jonny Flynn is a pretty sick passer too.
Fields in the NBA at best is a poor man's jamaal tinsley and I don't think Calethes will be very good in the pros either. Flynn could possibly be great in the pros but I think a more realistic projection for him would be a TJ Ford type.

Any others I am forgetting? There are probably players I haven't seen play from smaller schools who could be in consideration...

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james harden!

dominic james is not even in the top 10 best passers in college basketball. He went from being a consensus top 10 pick in his sophomore season to being a no body. I think james harden is the best passer, and he is very efficient, and will do the same in the league.

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It's Jonny Flynn. Hands down the best passer and point guard. Second in Ty Lawson. For sure. Scottie Reynolds is a better passer than Dominic James and Scottie is not really a point guard. He's trying to become one because he wants to be a pro..

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I think Lawson is the best

I think Lawson is the best pure point guard in this draft. He is the #! passer in my book.

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Lavance Fields

Even though he probably won't be in the NBA Lavance Fields is the best passer in college right now. Not only does he drop dimes, but he doesn't turn the ball over either. Second is Johnny Flynn (even though he is a score first point guard) and third is Ty Lawson, but that really isnt saying much because I could be the third best passer in college if I was passing to the weapons he has.

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College Pros

In college right now no doubt for me Levance Fields, just look at his assist to turnover ratio. In the NBA it will eventually be Kemba Walker. I bet a lot of you are like who? Yup, backup PG for UCONN has potential through the roof, only a freshman but has shown so much talent in some games. But in others he hasnt showed up at all. (C'mon hes a freshman)

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