Best NBA player to share your birthday

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reggie miller august 24th

reggie miller august 24th

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I didn't go to none of the

I didn't go to none of the links yet but I know that Kyle Lowry was born on the same exact day as me March 25, in the same year and in the same exact city Philly. He was born in a hospital in West Philly while I was born in one in North Philly. We grew to be of similar build, Kyle being an inch taller, and similar basketball prowess. I played Lowry's high school team when I was playing ball and they rocked us but I did an okay job guard Lowry who was so quick and strong. Me and him both played PG like a RB where we would get into the lanes and just bounce off of defenders. His career has taken off since then and mine...not so much...I got cut from Temple's team trying to be a walk on and they didn't even have a good team at the team...Life can surely move in different directions since birth can't it.?

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I share a birthday with first

I share a birthday with first pick bustoes "Never Nervous" Pervis Ellison, and Michael "The Kandi Man" Olowokandi. Sad thing is they are probably the best players of the over dozen players who share my birthday.

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Sean Marks and Pat Garrity

Sean Marks and Pat Garrity

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Danny Ainge March 17th

Danny Ainge

March 17th

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