Best Kept Secrets (1-20) #20 JayVaughn Pinkston

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Best Kept Secrets (1-20) #20 JayVaughn Pinkston

Hey guys haven't posted since the summer and wanted to comeback with some articles about who I think doesn't get enough credit in college basketball and could be potentially good NBA players.

#20 Jayvaughn Pinkson

Pinkston is a 6"7 forward who is known for his bang it, beast style in the Big East. He has been a man amongst boys for the past three years for Nova showing that you don't have to be 6"9 to body up PF's and C's. His handle is very crafty for his height and I believe he could be a great scorer off the bench in the NBA and he could definitely play the SF position if he gets his range out to the three point line.

The main thing about Pinkston is that he knows how to score and he knows how to break his man down one on one with his strength and skill level. The best part is that each year he has lost more and more weight, and now he's 210-220 and I think he is on a legit NCAA elite 8 typet eam. I see him being a player in the mold of Melo aka excellent one on one scorer who can hit the mid range jumper and can use his strength to get thru smaller SF's. I'm not saying he is the next Melo, but I am not saying that he couldn't be a legit 6th man for an NBA team one day. I expect him to go in the 2015 draft and if he keeps improving dont be surprised if he gets a first round nod!

What do yall think?

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Nice idea: could you please

Nice idea: could you please put the team-name behind the names, that would make it easier :)

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