Best Free Agent Bargains

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Best Free Agent Bargains

Thus far in free agancey we have seen a ton of players recieve contracts that are absoluetely absurd e.g. Jodie Meeks... We also have seen some great bargain deals for teams!

While the Hornet's grabbing Lance is risky, the deal is definitely a steal as they gained a 23 year old boarderline all star for $9 million per year, while other young players such as Parsons and Hayward are signed for $15 million +!

Another big move, in my opinion, is the Lakers getting Ed Davis at $1 million per year... He won't bring them to the playoffs, but I still think he has a ton of potential and could eventually be a 15ppg 9rpg in this league, possibily with the Lakers.

What other deals this season do you guys think have been 'bargains' for teams?

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Still for me getting Hawes on

Still for me getting Hawes on a 4 year 23 mil deal, about 6 mil a year is the biggest bargain. Still cannot believe it. He should fire his agent asap, because 7"1 skilled big men do not grow on trees.

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I think it's pretty clear

I think it's pretty clear that he is looking for a chip not a contract.

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He is still only 26. Normally

He is still only 26. Normally that is a thing you do when you are hitting 29-30. Normally reports leak out about teams offering him bigger money, I haven't seen any yet. Plus there are a few teams who are in a strong place to contend, especially in the west who I would have thought would offered him more then 6 mil a year

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Jordan Hamilton should come

Jordan Hamilton should come cheap and still offer plenty of upside. Hoping my pistons can get rid of smith and sign either Jordan Hamilton, Xavier Henry or Evan Turner.

These three guys should come cheap and could well be great value for money....

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Cleveland getting LeBron, he

Cleveland getting LeBron, he will do a lot more for them than he is getting paid.

Ed Davis, a huge bargain, it would be interesting to see what he does if he starts.

Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas got him at a bargain rate, compared to the number he could demanded.

Matt Bonner, the Spurs are giving him the minimum.

It looks like Ed Davis should be called the best free agent bargain. Should shoot over 50% from the field, can lead his team in blocks and if he gets enough minutes could be among the league leaders, if he gets 30 minutes a game he is a double-double player. Although if Randle is healthy, he might be getting 30 minutes a game and be a chance to win the Rookie of the Year award.

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I think Kent Bazemore was a

I think Kent Bazemore was a real solid deal too. $2 mill per year, just 24 years old, plays both ends of the court and his shot really came on in the final 23 games he played for the Lakers last year (13.3 PPG,3.3 RPG, 3.1 APG and 1.3 SPG in 28 MPG in LA) before injury ended his season.

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Ed Davis & Isaiah Thomas

It has been stated many times already in this thread, but Ed Davis can end up being an absolute steal for the Lakers at 1m a year. I think he was really developing in Toronto before being buried on the Grizzlies bench. The other player I feel isn't being talked about enough for a great bargin is Isaiah Thomas signing for less than 7m a year with the Suns. It may not be the greatest need for the Suns right now, but with Bledsoe still a RFA and Dragic hitting the market next year, it is great to have a guy who has proven he can play big minutes in this league at a high level for a price that cheap.

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Pau Gasol is only getting 7-8

Pau Gasol is only getting 7-8 million per for 3 years.

Mike Miller could've had more money w/ Denver.

Clippers got Jordan Farmar for a good deal IMO.

That's all I got.

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zach randolph and luol deng

zach randolph and luol deng both at 2 yrs for $20M, dirk 3 yrs for $25M, pau gasol 3 yrs for $ 10 at each of their positions for $8-10M isn't bad. a lot of hometown and championship run discounts...

darren collison 3 yrs for $16M....pretty good deal for a starting pg.

rodney stuckey 1 yr for the min....just a straight steal right here.

mario chalmers 2 yrs for $8M....again pretty good deal for a starting pg.

ed davis 2 yrs at the min....young guy that may breakout with minutes. low risk/high reward.

anthony morrow 3 yrs for $10M....better deal than ben gordon and jodie meeks for same role.

dejuan blair 3 yrs for $6M....pretty cheap for a 25 yr old guy that has put up good minutes year after year.

mike miller 2 yrs for $5.5M....the lebron discount.

danny grangers 2 yrs for $4.2M...low risk/high reward if he comes back to 70% of what he used to be.

alan anderson 2 yrs for $3M...quality role player for cheap.

dj augustin 2 yrs for $6M...coming off a career year.

kent bazemore 2 yrs for $4M...was summer league mvp and had good numbers when given minutes. plus still in early 20s.

patty mills 3 yrs for $12M...spark plug for a championship team. thought he could get more.

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