Best fit for Nerlens Noel? Washington.

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Best fit for Nerlens Noel? Washington.

I honestly believe the best fit for Nerlens Noel would be with the Wizards... Washington has an experienced frontcourt that Noel could learn from and wouldn't be thrown into the starting lineup right out of the gate.

Both Wall and Beal are willing passers, making his transition to the next level even easier.

If his stock slips, Washington has to take him..

Here's more on the situation:

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if Porter is there at 3, theres no way they pass on him for Noel, straight up.

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Who knows when Noel is going

Who knows when Noel is going to be ready to play and even then he has a lot of development to do. The Wizards don't want to end up in the lottery next year and Porter is much more ready to play next year. The Wizards success isn't going to be dependent upon a rookie from this years class but they can't afford the risk that Noel presents.

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