best dunker in their prime

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best dunker in their prime

i think the best dunker in their prime was vince carter he dunked so many different ways and all the time and 360 dunk he has the best windmill 360
not sure just ask kobe

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Vince is the all time greatest DUNKER. Reasons why? Because he does them in games and dunk contest. Jumping over the 7'2 guy to his nasty 360's in the games. What can we say about the dunk contest, the greatest by fair. Too bad he didn't go for a repeat.

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This shouldn't be even close...

Vince Carter HANDS down is the best dunker ever... He can give you the floating to the rim in Jordan, with the dunking hard of Nique, and the creativity of Dr. J... Seriously NO one is close to him...

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.... but let's not forget Shawn Kemp, Ronnie Fields, and TOM CHAMBERS. HAHAHAHH.

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in their Prime? I wanna see

in their Prime? I wanna see a Dunk Contest who do you think would win?

Micheal Jordan
Vince Carter
Julius Erving
David Thompson


Shawn Kemp
Larry Nance
Dominique Wilkins
Kobe Bryant

rank them 1-8 and make a dunk off like playoffs styles....

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1. Carter 2. Jordan 3. Dr.

1. Carter
2. Jordan
3. Dr. J
4. Nique
5. Kemp
6. Thompson
7. Nance
8. Kobe

Carter and Jordan would square off in the finals with Carter beating Jordan's free throw line dunk by bringing out the 7'2'' French guy he dunked on in the Olympics for a repeat.

I think Dr. J pioneered everything Jordan did in dunking and creativity but Jordan just did it that much better.

I feel the same way about Kobe's 3 point shooting as I do his dunking. I think he is purely a game shooter and dunker. If he was in the dunk contest or the 3 point contest I don't think he would do well. Not that he isnt a good shooter or dunker but its rare to see him spot up and take a 3, its usually a fade away with a hand in his face or hes coming off a screen. Same with dunking, I just can't see him being more creative than the other 7 guys.

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Lets see Lebron do his thing

Lets see Lebron do his thing during the dunk contest.

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Vince Carter is the best dunker in history

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toss up

depending on what era because during the hype of the slam dunk competition it was between jordon and wilkens. As the slam dunk competition began to fade Vince Carter brought the dunk contest back to life. So you can't really say it Vince Carter, the only way we will find out if all of them take part in it, which it will never happen

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Vince carter

Hands down. People can't do the dunks that were done in the 80's contests because they have been done a thousand times and would get low scores. A prime Vince would steal the show, and he did it in games. His in game dunks are better then anyone else's in game dunks.

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yeah its gonna be vince a matter of fact u can pick a couple game dunks that would have won a couple dunk contest

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