best draftee to current nba player comparisons

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williams plus jumper?

the only knock you ever hear on T. Williams is that he has an unreliable jumper. i wont argue that his form is infinitely better, but as far as results, they're probably pretty close. brewer's mid-range jumper has gotten to be pretty consistent. he's not a 3 point shooter, but neither is T. Will. i feel pretty good about this comparison, but i agree to disagree.

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plus, they can both handle the ball, pass very well, get a lot of steals, and defend. so i think the comparison goes on and on.

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Ricky and Calderon

Ricky and Calderon? haha nooo guys, Calderon is better in 3points, but ricky is better in Defense.

Ricky seems Rajon Rondo or Jason Kidd

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Blake Griffin-Amare

Blake Griffin-Amare Stoudimire/Shawn Kemp
Ricky Rubio-Steve Nash/Pete Maravich
Hasheem Thabeet-Samuel Dalembert/Dikembe Mutombo
Jordan Hil-Jermaine O'neil(pre-injuries)/Antonio McDyess
James Harden-Paul Pierce/Brandon Roy
Brandon Jennings-Russell Westbrook
Demar Derozen-Vince Carter
Earl Clark-N/A
Gerald Henderson-N/A
Johnny Flynn-Deron Williams
Wayne Ellington-Daquean Cook
Chase Budinger-N/A
James Johnson-N/A
Eric Maynor-Mike James
Ty Lawson-Raymond Felton
Stephen Curry-Mike Bibby/Eddie House
Tyreke Evans-Jamal Crawford
Patrick Patterson-N/A
Jeff Teague-Monta Ellis/Kevin Johnson
BJ Mullens/Amir Johnson
DeJuan Blair/Paul Millsap
Patrick Mills/N/A
Gani Lawal/N/A
Sam Young-James Posey
Terrence Williams-Andre Iguodala
Omri Casspi-N/A
Damion James-Leon Powe
Tyler Hansberough-Luis Scola/Udonis Haslem
DaJuan Summers-N/A
Jeff Pendergraph-N/A

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sam young

Sam young is not like posey at all Yong doesn't shoot a million threes every game, he likes to drive. He be more like a jeff green more than dajaun summers will.

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i agree with some, but disagree on some too. here's my thinking. i dont think Hill has the athleticism a young Oneal or McDyess. derozan is quite the athlete, but i dont think he's vince carter athletic. you're talking about possibly the most explosive athlete in NBA history. i think the Flynn to Williams is way off. i just dont see it. i also dont see any similarities between westbrook and jennings besides the position. westbrook is a converted 2 guard while i've always thought of jennings as a pure point. i dont think Evans is or ever will be the pure scorer that Crawford although i can see where you were going with that. not sure i can see the Mullens to Amir Johnson, although i havent seen a ton of Mullens. not really a fan of the Blair/Millsap, Williams/Iggy, Young/Posey, or Hansbrough comparisons. more of my thoughts are on the first page, not that you care anyway! lol

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Rasual Butler plays great D

Rasual Butler plays great D and also He may not be as athletic as Chase. Maybe Morris Peterson is more on Chase level. Also I don't the know this player that well but James Johnson is like a hybrid of Marquis Daniels and maybe Granger. He moves a little more smoother than Granger but not as explosive as Josh Howard. I can see him being a pretty good pro.

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i agree with you, but someone was asking for a non-white Budinger comparison, so i did my best!

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Blake Griffin - Kris

Blake Griffin - Kris Humphries
Ricky Rubio - A taller Brevin Knight
Hasheem Thabeet - Sene
Jordan Hil - Chris Wilcox
James Harden - Devin Brown
Brandon Jennings - Lou Williams
Demar Derozen - James White
Earl Clark - Amir Johnson
Gerald Henderson - Damien Wilkins
Johnny Flynn - Earl Boykins
Wayne Ellington - A taller Boobie Gibson
Chase Budinger - Rasual Butler
James Johnson - Ryan Gomes
Eric Maynor - Sean Livingston
Ty Lawson - Kyle Lowry
Stephen Curry - Eddie House
Tyreke Evans - Stephen Jackson
Patrick Patterson - Melvin Ely
Jeff Teague - Mike James
BJ Mullens - Jake Voshkul
DeJuan Blair - Sean May
Patrick Mills - Dee Brown
Gani Lawal - Chuck Hayes
Sam Young - Ima Udoka
Terrence Williams - LeBron James
Damion James - Dorell Wright
Tyler Hansberough - Ron Artest
DaJuan Summers - Luke Walton
Jeff Pendergraph - Hilton Armstrong

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I can't really see how you compare Rubio to Calderon. Calde is a first pass PG, ok, but he plays zero D and he has developed a jumpshot over the years, becoming quite reliable. He's slow and he has good court vision.

I'm not totally sold on Rubio (I'm spanish) but what I can tell you is that they are totally different. Rubio has great defensive awareness, plays much more loose basketball and one of his main strengths is defense and positioning. He puts under pressure the other PG with his body positioning reading where he will go and that allows him to create tons of turnovers and steals. Other than that, he is developing a jumpshot, he had only 10 days to work last summer with a shooting coach and he has improved remarkably, but he's FAR from being reliable.

I'd say he is fast enough and very long and tall to avoid defensive problems on his 2nd year and so on, but he will have to learn a bit how the D-Will and CP3 of the league do their stuff. He's a great creator, he's superb at the pick&roll but he will struggle until he improves his shot.

You can expect him to be a future Calderon (in terms of improving every year, team oriented pass first PG) but playing good defense (which can be an All Star). Rubio's main advantage is his quick improvement, he learns everything so easily that his second year will be years ahead of his first. So I can predict for him what Jose Calderon did: develop a good jumpshot and (what Calde never did) become a lock on D.

Another point worth mentioning is the discussion about the Euro statistics we see and why it look like every euro is sh*t, we should remark that in Europe assist don't count the same way as the NBA. Only if the pass is straight and the player receiving makes no dribble at all (almost catch and shoot) it counts. Actually it's not as easy as I say, but you get the point.

The NBA court is wider, Euro game is very crowded in the paint as it is smaller (remember NBA 3 point line is further than Euro line)

By the way, for those who believe BJennings is gonna be the next great thing...

Rubio Euroleague: ppg 2.4 | apg 2.8 | to 2.4 | rpg 2.4 | mpg : 13
Jennings Euroleague: ppg 7.6 | apg 1.6 | to 1.2 | rpg 1.6 | mpg: 20

And Jennings was schooled by Rubio when they played (which, by the way, means nothing)

Hope it helps.

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thanks for that. that's some pretty good insight. i appreciate you.

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how are the comparisions

how are the comparisions looking so far

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