Best Draft Year of the 2000s

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Best Draft Year of the 2000s

Which year's draft was the best of the 2000s? From top to bottom how would you rate the years? Obviously this is not easy since things are still being sorted out from 2007 and 2008. I would have to put 2003, 2004, and 2005 at the top and 2006 and 2000 way at the bottom.

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1. 2003
2. 2005
3. 2004
4. 2008
5. 2007
6. 2006
7. 2002
8. 2001
9. 2000

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Strangely, only 2 drafts fall under the Standard category.

Historically good
1. 2003 - Lebron & D-Wade

Changed the face of the NBA.
2a. 2002 - Yao, Amare, Caron, Tayshaun, Boozer
2b. 2004 - Dwight, Al Jefferson, Gordon, Iguodala
2c. 2005 - CP, D-Will, Granger
2d. 2008 - D-Rose, Lopez, Mayo, Beasley, Westbrook, etc.

6. 2001 - Pau, Parker, Arenas
7. 2007 - Durant, Oden, Horford

8. 2006 - Roy, Gay

Could have been completely skipped.
9. 2000 - No one.

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What about Kenyon Martin and

What about Kenyon Martin and Redd...Thats just 2 that i can think of

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2000 Draft

Kenyon Martin is a solid NBA player and was chosen to 1 all-star game
Michael Redd is an excellent NBA player and Gold Medalist and was chosen to 1 all-star game
Jamal Crawford is a solid player who has put up good numbers on bad teams
Mike Miller was the ROY averaging 11 ppg on a playoff team. (Also has a 6th man award to his credit)
Pretty sure Hedo was also in there but he has only recently become a borderline all-star caliber player
Not a good thing when those are a draft's top 5 nine years later.
Thats it. The 2000 Draft may be the worst in history.

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Decades best drafts

1. 2003 (Lebron, Melo, Weezy, Bosh, Hinrich, T.J Ford, D. West, B. Diaw, J howard, Mo Willims)

2. 2004 (D. Howard, okafor, BG, D. Harris, L Deng, Iggy, J.R Smith, Josh Smith, Delonte West, Kevin Martin, T. Ariza)

3. 2008 (Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Beasley, E. gordon, DJ augustin, A. Randolph. B. Lopez, C. Lee, M. Chalmers)

4. 2005 (Bogut, M. Williams, CP3, D. Williams, R. Felton, A. Bynum, D. Granger, M. Ellis, D.Lee, N. Robinson, R. Gomes, C. Villanueva)

5. 2002 (Yao, Amare, Boozer, C. Butler, T. Prince, J. Salmons, Flip, M. Barnes, R. Butler, L. Scola)

6. 2001 (Chandler,Gasol, J. Richardson, S Battier, J Johnson, T Parker, Z Randolph,G Arenas, M Okur, G Wallace, R Jefferson)

7. 2006 (Bargnani, Aldridge, Roy, Foye, Gay, Rondo, Lowry, Farmar, Redick)

8. 2000 (K. Martin, Crawford, Mason, Richardson, Redd, Peterson, Turkoglu, M. Miller, J. Magloire)

9. 2007 ( Oden, KD, Horford, Conley, Green, Noah, T. Young, Thornton, Stuckey,W Chandler, Big Baby, Landry, Sessions

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2000 Draft ???

2007 would kill the 2000 class right now. Durant alone makes this class better and is already a better player than anyone from 2000 has been (yes I think he is better than Redd right now).
**Horford's worst case scenario is being the equal of K-Mart.
**I think Thaddeus Young and Al Thornton have already shown us they will be players (surpassing the Hedo-Mike Miller combo).
** Jeff Green is already coming into his own and could really be the X-Factor when looking back and grading this class.
** Jamal and Q-Rich are rhe bad team good numbers guys that really are a dime a dozen.
Sorry for the hate, I just think the 2000 draft was bad for basketball.

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