Best deal for Paul????

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Best deal for Paul????

Of the superstars free agents coming up, I think most will agree that Paul is the one more likely to leave his team. IF your the Hornets, what's the best you think you can get for him? Keep in mind, It'll have to be a team Paul will be willing to resign with. Here's a deal off the top of my head; Im neither a Hornets or Clippers fan, but I am fond of Eric Gordon and Kaman.

Clippers- Get Chris Paul

Hornets- Get Kaman 11 Million$$ expipring contract, Eric Gordon, TWolves unprotected 2012 1st round pick.

Why this makes sense: Clippers get a PG to pair with Griffin. Sterling hates to spend, but he's being forced to now, and I think he rather pay for Paul than give big money to Gordon. Paul also is the perfect compliment to Griffin, I love Griffin, but he isnt a smart player. He needs a leader around him to push him to want to be great and to learn the game. I also think Paul would like to play in LA. He may rather going to Lakers/NY, but Lakers wouldnt have the money or assets to entice the hornets for a deal. Unless Paul forces a trade to Lakers/NY but he's not that type of person. Not sure of NY cap situation, I believe after Billups deals ends, they can sign max contract, but maybe someone can clear their cap situation up with me. However, with new CBA, can any team afford 3 max deals??

Hornets- Gets the 3 things temas looks for when moving a great talent, expiring contract (Kaman), promising young player (Gordon), and draft picks, I mean, does anyone not think the TWolves will be a lotto team this upcoming season? Add to that their own potential lottorey pick this year. The NBA owns the hornets and are looking to cut salary, they will let West walk, then could start Kaman and Okafor for this year. They can build around Gordon and with 2 lottorey picks in a draft featuring Barnes, Sullinger, Anthony Davis, McAdoo, Marquis Teague, Austin Rivers, and hopefully Drummond, they can get two more great prospects to build around.

Looking to hear what yall think about this deal, and what other deal would you aim to get IF YOU WERE THE HORNETS GM.

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Giving up too much..CP3 can

Giving up too much..CP3 can opt of his contract end of next gurantee he would stay a clippers. Esp since Sterling doesn't like to pay anyone.. PLUS the NBA owns the Hornets at the current moment, they are not going to ok a trade to trade a star like CP3, Hornets have one of the lowest attendance, this will not help.

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i hate that trade for

i hate that trade for LAC...they have a nice young PG in bledsoe, i would start to dislike life if they got rid of gordon

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Bad Deal for Clippers

Chris Paul is a top 5 PG in this league for sure but this will not make them a contender. I would love watching the highlights of that combo but they would lack additional scoring. Aminu is still young, Jordan is out there for defense and rebounding. Like TaylorCondrin said, Bledsoe is a nice young player who is still learning the position since he played sg at kentucky next to wall. he played better than most would thought and gordon was looking like an allstar before wrist injuries derailed his season. 2 more 1st round picks (their pick is top 10 protected) in a stacked draft could make this team a serious contender a few years from now. griffin still has a lot of learning and development to do so keeping this team as it is would give him the freedom he needs to develop along with hte other young guys

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