Best bet to Finnish Season top 10 in scoring

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Best bet to Finnish Season top 10 in scoring

Who will finnish the season top 10 in scoring for this year?

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1 Kevin Durant 2 James

1 Kevin Durant
2 James Harden
3 Carmello Anthony
4 Lebron James
5 Kevin Love
6 Monta Ellis
7 Paul George
8Kyrie irving
9 Kobe Bryant
10 Demarcus Cousins

I think Jeff Green, Steph Curry, John Wall, Damian Lillard & Russel westbrook all have a chance as well

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1- Kevin Durant: 31,3 ppg 2-

1- Kevin Durant: 31,3 ppg

2- Kevin Love: 28,8 ppg

3- Carmelo Anthony: 27,9 ppg

4- LeBron James: 27,5 ppg

6- Russell Westbrook: 27,1 ppg

7- James Harden: 26,8 ppg

8- Kobe Bryant: 25,8 ppg

9- Paul George: 25,1 ppg

10- DeMarcus Cousins: 24,8 ppg


11- Kyrie Irving: 24,4 ppg

12- Derrick Rose: 23,8 ppg

13- Antonhy Davis: 23,3 ppg

14- Stephen Curry: 23,1 ppg

15- John Wall: 22,6 ppg

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Bro your missing #5! lol hope

Bro your missing #5! lol hope that was a Typo and not ur Basic Math skills

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Damn I'm a Kobe fan glad to

Damn I'm a Kobe fan glad to see him getting some love

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I would go with Kevin Durant

I would go with Kevin Durant to get his scoring title back if only because until Westbrook gets healthy he is the ONLY true scorer on that team. He might need to average 30 plus points a night just to keep pace with the rest of the Western Conference teams.

I could also see Carmelo Anthony gunning for a back to back scoring title, since he has the green light in NYC and doesn't have to haul in a ton of boards every night, unlike Kevin Love.

LeBron will be a top 5 scorer, and might have to score more this year. Wade will run hot and cold and the rest of their team is kind of getting up there in age. LeBron can score as well as anyone even though he is not as pure a shooter as guys like Durant or Curry. I will put LeBron third on the scoring list this year with a decent shot of getting his second scoring title.

Kevin Love in 4th place. His ability to score inside AND hit the 3 helps.

Kobe in fifth place. His instinct might be to gun for 30 points a night when he gets back, but I think he needs to dial it back a bit and trust his teammates.

6 -- Steph Curry: pure shooter in a high octane offense

7 -- James Harden: Can drive, shoot outside, and get to the line.

8 -- Derrick Rose: He might be up and down this year, coming off an injury but the guy can still score.

9 -- DeMarcus Cousins: Maybe the most highly skilled low post big man in the league. Only legit scoring option on the Kings has to carry the load.

10 -- Kyrie Irving: One of the best point guards in the league who can really fill it up.

11 -- Russell Westbrook: He is coming off an injury but the Thunder need his scoring.

12 -- Dirk: can shoot, score, and nail free throws.

13 -- John Wall: the point guard on an up and coming Wizards team and also their main scorer. He has the talent to put up MONSTER stat lines on any given night.

14 -- Anthony Davis: he can do it all. The Pelicans need some scoring from him if they want to make a run for the playoffs.

15 -- Tony Parker: the number one pure scorer on the Spurs. Just so efficient on offense. He might end up higher on this list.

Other contenders: Paul George, Brook Lopez, D Wade, Chris Paul, Rudy Gay, Greg Monroe, Dwight Howard

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1. Kevin Durant - Russell

1. Kevin Durant - Russell Westbrook probably won't miss as much time as originally thought, but he's had two knee surgeries in less than a year. To expect him to come back and average 23-24 points per game right away might be unrealistic. I think Durant will need to average 29-30 points per game this season.

2. LeBron James - He's averaged close to 27 points per game the last several seasons. I believe that'll continue.

3 (TIE)

Kevin Love - He's healthy and I believe he's about to have a monster season. 26.5 points per game.

James Harden - This will be year two of him being a first option and I believe he'll be better offensively. 26.5 points per game.

5. Carmelo Anthony - He has a bum shoulder and decided against surgery this off-season. Let's hope it holds up for him. 26 points per game.

6. Kobe Bryant - He hasn't averaged under 25 points per game since the 2003-2004 season and the last time he wasn't a top five scorer was 2001-2002. He'll fall just outside of both of those categories this season. 24.5 points and 6th in the NBA in scoring.

7. Stephen Curry - Can he be that next guy to reach 50, 40 and 90 status? He says his ankles are the healthiest they've been in years. 24 points per game.

8. DeMarcus Cousins - The Kings are clearly his team now for better or worse and he'll be their go-to player. 23.5 points per game. He'll have his best season as a pro.

9. Kyrie Irving - I think we'll see his assists go up more this season, but you can still expect him to average about 22 points per game.

10. (TIE)

Lamarcus Aldridge - He's been in the top ten averaging over 21 points the last couple of seasons. I believe it'll continue. 21.5 points.

Paul George - He's gotten better every off-season. I expect it to continue. With more free-throw attempts and a higher FG%, I think he'll average around 21.5 points per game.

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1. Harden 30.4
2. Durant 28,9
3.Anthony 28,5
4.James 27,8
5.Love 26.5
6.Rose 26.1
7.Curry 25.5
8.Westbrook 25.1
9.Irving 24,6
10.Lillard 24,5

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