Best basketball sneakers (to play in)?

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Best basketball sneakers (to play in)?

I've been watching a lot of players advertising their footwear, but without all the display, which basketball sneakers are most comfortable/durable to play in? Do not regard style, you Jordanheads!

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Most comfortable and durable?

Most comfortable and durable? From what I've heard, the Nike KD 2's fit your wants in a shoe. I've been reading some performance reviews on and If you want shoes that emphasize comfort and durability, then the KD 2's would be best for you.

If you want lightweight and low cut, obviously the last few Kobe shoes would be your weapon of choice (IV, V, VI). From what I've heard (since haven't tried them myself), contrary to popular belief, even though it's low cut, they do provide great heel ankle support.

If you don't need low cut, Hyperdunks.

Please keep in mind all the shoes that utilize flywire (ie: kobe's, hyperdunks) are not that durable in the long run... especially if you run a lot of outdoor ball.

If you like shoes that have excellent traction, go with the KD 2's or the Hyperfuse.

If you don't care how heavy a shoe is you can try out the Lebron 8's. Which have crazy cushioning for a nice comfy ride.

For Adidas, light weight? go with adidas "crazy light" as those are the lightest ball shoes out right now at 9.8 oz.

the adiZero line is apparently top notch, but unfortunately I haven't tried them out yet.

An adidas shoe that I really want to test out is the adidas TS supernatural creator. Which gave rave reviews. too bad its relatively old in shoe years and you don't see it anymore.

Just my 2 cents.

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Yea the I got the

Yea I got the KD's in dark red, white, and yellow. They're definitely the best and most comfortable basketball shoe I've ever played in.

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Im all about the kobe's i own

Im all about the kobe's i own some hyperdunks,cp3s, melo's and kobes, and i always come back to them. I would never recommend melo's shoe as it is one of the most heavy and weird traction ive ever played in, feels like you are wearing snow boots.

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Right now I'm playing in the

Right now I'm playing in the royal blue Lebron 8's they not as heavy as his old ones actually they super light

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the tim hardaways aka the air bakins are the most comfortable to me there light n protect your ankles

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It really depends; if your a

It really depends; if your a PG/SG, Kobe VI is great for you. But if your a bigger player, I would go with Hyperdunk due to ankle support and stabilty. Every shoe to me is built for certain postion, I wouldn't recommend Centers to wear Kobe VI.

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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low...

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low... I'm a PG.

very little weight, fast shoes, no ankle issues. GREAT

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I have always loved ballin' in Iversons but I m a bit biased. The bubbles were awesome.

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i got the Adi-Rose crazy

i got the Adi-Rose crazy light and LOVE THEM

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If we are talking pure

If we are talking pure performance (i.e. not based on durability) on an indoor court, it has to be the Hyperdunk 2011s. I've balled in a wide variety of shoes from ZKVIs to ZigTech Slash to Fly Wades, and honestly, nothing feels quite as good as the Hyperdunk 2011.

The heel-to-toe transition is amazing, you really feel like you're flying forward in them, I really can't stress this enough. The traction is remarkable with all that herringbone, and the stability of the shoe is great as well and they fit like a glove.

The closest shoe performance wise was the Zoom Kobe VI, which I wore all last season, but there wasn't that same sense of springing forward with the heel-toe-transition.

I can't recommend this shoe enough, if you're looking for the top performer, this is it in my opinion.

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Air Penny's or Iverson's IMO.

Air Penny's or Iverson's IMO.

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