best 2 way players in the NBA

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best 2 way players in the NBA

who are your top 5 best two way players in the NBA right now? These are the toughest guys to find, but an elite defender and offensive player is the guy you want to build around. A few that come to mind are Buter, Leonard, Lebron. Hopefully, Embiid, if he stays healthy

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I guess the best two way

I guess the best two way players in the league are all the non-PG top players in the league, except for Chris Paul. Top five would probably be Lebron, Durant, Leonard, Davis, and Paul or Giannis.

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you can add cp3 and A.D. to

you can add cp3 and A.D. to that list But you'll have to ixnay embiid at this point in his career despite the projection being likely.

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

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Guys that come to mind

Kawhi, Draymond, Lebron, Klay, AD, CP3, Conley, Giannis, Butler, Porzingis, Durant (especially last year), Gasol, PG13, Westbrook

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Leonard, Davis, Paul, Butler,

Leonard, Davis, Paul, Butler, Durant

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Kawhi, Klay, LeBron, Giannis,

Kawhi, Klay, LeBron, Giannis, Davis.

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Did anybody watch the finals

Did anybody watch the finals Lebron is not an elite defender he's a great defender when guarding a scrub and allowed to play passing lanes and giving help. You've got Klay, Kawhi, AD, Draymond because of his elite offensive intangibles, and Butler. Throw in the Greek Freak. All of these player can guard multiple types of players

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Here are some guys worth considering:

Gordon Hayward

Paul George

Rudy Gobert (if effeciency is considered in evaluating offense, best screen setter and rim runner in the league with a good enough ft% to make him a force at the end of games)

Eric Bledsoe

Avery Bradley

Chris Middleton

Here are some guys who will get into the conversation I believe:

Aaron Gordon

Josh Jackson

Og Anunoby (If healthy)

Dante Exum

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