Bennett his Weight and the Cavs Rotation

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Bennett his Weight and the Cavs Rotation

Anthony Bennett is listed as 240 lbs. Anyone that has seen him this preseason would agree he is far above that. I think 265 easily. He looks massive. At his current size I have no doubt that he could be an all start caliber PF in the near future. The problem with that is the Cavs are very strong at the big positions. Bynum, Varejao, Thompson and Zeller range from all nba to serviceable.

With that in mind the best use for Bennett is at the three, but at his current size I don't think he has a shot defending on the perimeter against perimeter players. But if he was actually 240 he might be ok enough to play most minutes at the 3.

With Bennett and Karasev splitting time at the rotation would be much easier to handle for Mike Brown.
The three guard rotation is set and you could play all four bigs, depending of course on the health and effectiveness of Bynum. If Bynum gets back to where he was, you could bring Bennett of the bench and have one of the best bench squads in the league (Jack, Bennett, Varejao, Zeller).

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At his current size he can be

At his current size he can be a fat guy who gets out of breath way to fast and only plays well 4 minutes a game. He needs to lose all that fat and get back into game shape.
But anyway he's clearly not a SF IMO, I think for the time being he's going to be the back up PF (if he gets his weight back to norm, if he doesn't Zeller will probably play more back up PF than he will).

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He needs to drop a ton of weight. Stamina is going to be an issue. His conditioning is obviously not where it needs to be. Was he hurt?

He has game but he needs to drop that weight. He's already undersized if the cavs wanna play him at the 4.

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When I look at Bennett he

When I look at Bennett he reminds me of Eddy Curry. Weight is going to be an on going issue for Bennett.

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Bennett sort of falls in that

Bennett sort of falls in that Derrick Williams category where the teams would love if they could be small forwards but that's just not what these guys are. they're undersized/stretch/versatile 4's

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"I think for the time being he's going to be the back up PF"

What a great use of a #1 pick...

I have to admit that pick was highly questionable, even for the Cavs. Did they really need another PF when they already had Tristan Thompson? Did they expect him to lose weight and transform into an SF? I can't help but feel they should have gone and traded down to get Otto Porter or someone who fits the lineup better, because their depth there is the only weak point.

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he just came off an injury

he just came off an injury guys he will get in shape.he's playing pretty good in preseason when season comes along they will increase his minutes when he gets in better shape.i don't think the plan was to ever play him at 3 he's better as a 4.strong body and good mid range game.remember charles barkley came into the league overweight as well but got in shape.bennett will be fine.he know he has be shoes to fill being a number one pick.

bynum is not all nba lol he hasn't played in over a year.bennett is already better than zellar !

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Remember this exact time last

Remember this exact time last year when everyone said Dion Waiters was taken too early in the draft, fat, born to come off the bench and going to be a massive bust? I do.

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