Ben Woodside

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Ben Woodside

Im sure a lot of people havent heard of him but he was a point guard at NDSU. he had a great career smashing all the records there. his career was highlighted by a 60 point game against Stephen F. Austin and a huge game against Kansas in the first round of the NCAA tourney. Anyone think he has a shot at getting drafted? He has been working out with a few teams. He would obviously go late 2nd round

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If he gets drafted it will

If he gets drafted it will be real late 2nd round. If he doesnt get drafted he will make somebody's roster in Summer League and maybe an invite to training camp. He has struggled in his competitions since college going up against bigger,stronger and more athletic defenders. His play in tourneys and showcases have declined his status a lot, so i don't think he will get drafted. It depends what teams are drafting late in rd. 2 and what would fit him the best.

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Ive heard he impressed T Wolves scouts in his tryout there. I think they will draft him and give him a shot to make a difference in his hometown/area. I think he will end up being to short to play defense, and will still be able to shoot the lights out.

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He is JJ Barea, reincarnated

He is JJ Barea, reincarnated

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Ben Woodside Flourishes in a Game

I think the saga of Ben Woodside, and the fact that he's never mentioned on draft websites, is very interesting. I agree with the JJ Barera comment above and the mid to late 2nd round position. Here are some things to keep in mind reference Woodside.

1. NBA GMs are heavily biased in favor of 7 footers.

2. NBA GMs have a strong bias against guys under 6 feet.

3. Guys like BJ Mullens look great in workouts but horrible in an actual game.

4. Guys like Woodside, who are so small, usually don't impress in a workout. However, you really begin to appreciate him in a game where he can display those skills which make him desirable.

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I Heard of Him

His team went to the NCAA Tournament by winning their Conference Title. He is a good player i think he will get drafted. In the middle to late second round. I think he can be a good role player for any team he goes to. I think he would be a good fight for New Jersey they need a backup PG and i think he could fill that position. The Pistons could also get him with one of their 3 second round picks. ( I would like that). But Ben Wodsie is awesome i think he has potential a good role player.

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