Ben McLemore at #1?

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Ben McLemore at #1?

I just saw's mock draft, and I was quite suprised when I saw Ben being drafted at #1.

That's really pushing it for Ben here, especially with Shabazz (and the fact that the Wizards need an SF more, they already have Beal), and Cody and Noel, who are both legit centers.

The SG is a dying breed anyway. What do you think about his placement at #1?

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I disagree with everything you said. Wizards don't have the pick, don't know why you're talking about that.

"SG is a dying breed anyway" ??? Athletic wings with size who can shoot, come off a screen and catch and shoot, defend the perimeter, and create for others a little bit, finish at the rim, and get out on the break are not a dying breed.

Are you saying the combo-guard is taking over? I'll take size any day.

I'll also take McLemore #1 in this draft.

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McLemore is in the

McLemore is in the conversation for the top pick,if teams like the Suns or Pistons get the 1st pick,they might look at him and Shabazz....

My friend made an interesting point the other day..He said McLemore is only successful becuz of the Jayhawks system...He questioned rather or not he would be playing so well if he was some place else?

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It's really more of a big board right now

It's really more of a big board right now, team needs aren't really considered at this stage, it's more about establishing the "top dog" and then categorizing the prospects in terms of ability via tiers. As you know, the real mock is up after the lottery.

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