Beasly: Future Scoring Champ?

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Beasly: Future Scoring Champ?

Doc Rivers said he has that "Melo ability about him" And he could envision him being a scoring champ. Not that being a scoring champ = championship, but it is better than his outlook from his 2 years ago in Miami. If he is the main option on offense i think this could happen. I would say he could average 28-30 ppg for a couple of years. With a few more summers refining his game, i agree with Doc on this one.

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Anything's possible on a bad

Anything's possible on a bad enough team. But he's still got to improve a lot. Also, Anthony has yet to win a scoring title.

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As a T-wolves

As a T-wolves fan i sure hope so haha. If he can work on his handle i could see him being a 28-30pts type player. But the scoring has and always will be there. I am looking forward to see if he can take his game to the next level. Not just scoring but passing and on D. If he could become a good defender and improve his passing i could see him being a superstar. He has the talent now he just needs to put in the time at the gym.

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He's absurdly talented from mid-range, but he doesn't get to the FT line. Right now he get's to the line for about 4 attempts a game. For him to have any shot at leading the league in pts/game he'd have to double that. Now he maybe able to average 20+ when healthy, but without the charity stripe boosting his good nights and evening out his off nights it's just not going to happen.

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He has the talent. When he is

He has the talent. When he is on there isn't a player in the NBA who can stop him from scoring. Some players just have that type of ability on offense. Don't forget he is still learning and is the same age as Blake,Love,Rose,Eric Gordan. I think we forget how young these guys are because they are so good now but still a couple of years form there prime

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Agree with Doc

I think Doc is right on with this one. The kid just had to get some mental issues straightened out and look at him now. Just imagine a 25 year old Beasley....27-30 ppg is very possible.

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I find it funny how a lot of

I find it funny how a lot of people including Wade bashed Pat Riley for taking Beasley over Mayo. All along it was not Beasley's lack of performance it was the system, he could not play with Wade. Although they have picked up Bron & Bosh, I bet there are a lot of Heat fans that would rather have Beasley over Bosh now.

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Be eazy. Be eazy. I fell in

Be eazy. Be eazy. I fell in love with the man when he was at K-State. He can do it all.

Never understood why he was, and is still, called a PF.

He's a pure SF.

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beasley is good but until he gets it figured out in his head he won't be any better. he can't handle, he can't play d against bigger 4s or 3s for that matter. he doesn't like to pass, and he doesn't go to the free throw line. im a wolves fan but compared to melo? Not a chance. Beasley also struggles making layups.

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