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Is actually PASSING the basketball, he just turned up a semi-open 18 footer to feed a cutting Cole who got the ball to Haslem for an easy bucket at the rim. Beasley has really bought in to playing team bball now (I guess you'd have to with the Wade, Lebron, Spo telling you what's what). He's not going to be the 25 & 12 franchise player he seemed comoing out of college but I think if he continues to improve he can be seriously quite good.

His shot is pure, he's extremly atheletic, etc, etc...we know his strengths. But his issues have always been, shot selection, a tendancy toward hero ball and a lack of BBIQ leading to bone head plays and poor defense. In miami he has a real chance to iron these issue out to become a 3rd or even second option by his late 20's (he's still so young!).

For his sake I hope this can bea redemption story, and with the future of the heat in question past next year who knows? Idealy everyone resigns and he can take some of the offensive and minutes load from bosh and dwade in terms of being Lebron's support.

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