Bazz is 20 y.o. LOL

Def. deserves its own thread.
I don't understand how people say age doesn't matter that much, he is as old as Oladipo.
Bazz stock is on a come down train right now, if you still think he's worth a number one pick.....

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ok?? ben mclemore is 20 and

ok?? ben mclemore is 20 and is a freshmen... let me put mclemore out of my top 5 then

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Bazz has been outside of my

Bazz has been outside of my top 5.
Looking at Bazz's game as a soph changes things around.

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age doesnt necessarily mean

age doesnt necessarily mean development, how much has he improved THIS year while playing against more talented players. how much would he improve after two years playing against more talented players? this shouldn't affect his stock too much, this draft is already weak as is.

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Yea, ok, age doesn't

Yea, ok, age doesn't matter.... that's why bazz's dad went thru all the hazzle to make his son 1 year younger.

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"Def" doesn't deserve its own thread.

"Def" doesn't deserve its own thread as we already have multiple threads covering this topic.

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Yep thread called "Shabazz

Yep thread called "Shabazz Muhammad Article" has been up all day

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glad i'm not the only one who

glad i'm not the only one who appreciates etiquette.

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This is definitely a red

This is definitely a red flag. Freshmen in the final quarter/trimester in their first year of college are typically either 18 or 19. Muhammad's age to go along with the fact he's a one trick pony (only scores), isn't a team player whatsoever (doesn't play defense and disrespected everyone by pouting and not celebrating after their win a few weeks ago), and showed up to camp fat are a testament to the amount of red flags this young man possesses.

I wouldn't touch him with a lotto pick. Better to take a player with heart rather than a player who will be a cancer on and off the court.

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It is fine if you have concerns about Shabazz, completely understand. Just do not get the whole "Better to take a player with heart rather than a player who will be a cancer on and off the court."

I do not know how he is a cancer off of the court, or on it. You seem to be basing it off of not celebrating with Larry Drew II, or staring him daggers at times. Well, those things happen and I do not know anyone saying he is a bad teammate. Ben Howland has been sticking up for him quite a bit, while he may be a sketch he does not have to do that for a player who has been a disruption.

The lying about his age is weird, most definitely, just does not signal the end of the world. I believe it effects where he goes a bit, just do not think it moves him out of the lottery of this draft. Plus, I think he most definitely does have heart and plays his butt off, not to mention is willing to work. If he has done one thing well besides score is hit the offensive glass. To me, that makes him less of a one trick pony, plus while he needs work on his defense, think he has potential given his length and strength.

He was also hurt for a lot of the summer and has gotten back into solid shape. Jabari Parker gained weight when he was hurt as well, didn't take that as a red flag. I do not know how much he was pouting after that win, the reaction may not have been what many would do but I think that people went WAY overboard in response. You do not have to like his game, just think the whole "cancer on and off the court" thing is a major overreaction.

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I'm not surprised because I

I'm not surprised because I read an article back in 2009 saying that he was a 16 year old freshman.

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This stuff is not new...

I coach high school ball and kids are being intentionally held back so that they are more mature. There are kids who are 17 year old Soph's. Kids who will be 19 when they are done as seniors etc. It's sad...but the difference in this case is that his father changed his birth certificate to lie about it. But here in AZ kids repeat grades for athletic purposes before they enter high school.

A couple notes also to those comparing him to McClemore at Kansas (however you spell it). Yes he is 20 also; but he is also openly known to be a "redshirt" freshman. Meaning he sat out his first year in college and academically is a sophomore but basketball wise is a freshman.

Shabazz Muhammad has represented himself as a freshman who is 19 years old when he is actually 20.

Does that mean anything? says that the evaluations that were previously done that were based upon his age comparative to his peers were done without the real facts. It does not change how good a player he is/was but it does put into perspective his talent vs. his peers who are a year or 2 younger than he is.

I myself was 17 years old when I graduated high school and didn't turn 18 until a month after I graduated. He turned 19 (more than 2 years older than I was at the same stage) during the beginning of his basketball season his senior year.

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i feel like arguing about

i feel like arguing about players ages is a timeless thing, bazz could be born a month later than the rest of his classmates and everyone would be like. 'OMG bazz is soooo old for his age, theres no way he will ever make it as a basketball player' he is leaving after this year anyway so if you wanna get technical he will be YOUNG entering the draft. so hes a year older, ok. so lets say hes 'supposed' to be a sophmore. guess whatttt? he is still YOUNG entering the draft lol. either way he will not be playing in the ncaa next year anyway so nobody will have anything to complain about.

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This is a red flag

because it speaks to his character. If he would lie about his age (someone please tell me he didnt know how old he was) he would lie about any other mental/social problems he has. "Any drug problems?" Nope. "Any children out of wedlock?" Nope. How could any team believe anything he said about any character issue?

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This whole age debate makes me LOL

32 GM's are licking their chops to draft this kid, if he was a 23 or 24 year old freshman then there would be cause for some concern...As it stands Shabazz is the most NBA ready wing player and could have the most potential to be a star in this class...In fact this looks to be another attempt by Ben Mclemore fan boys to trash talk the better prospect Shabazz Mohamed...

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It's big news because it's so

It's big news because it's so weird. Bazz has a stage dad, that's pretty evident that he tried to hide his son's age and then came out with it. I don't think it effects him as a prospect, but it's really strange for major college basketball. He's not exactly a dominican little leaguer.

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