Bayless In Toronto? Doug Smith, Toronto Star - who really knows his Raptors - is reporting the withdrawl of Bayless' offer as primarily an accounting move to complete the Lowry trade and Fields signing. They would lose the ability`to match offers, but still retain his bird rights and could resign him even over the salary cap. We know Bayless really wants to stay in Toronto, and the organization really likes him. But if Calderon stays I really don't see enough room in the backcourt rotaion for him to get tons of playing time. And he is more valuable than a 3rd stringer. On the other hand, if any of the Calderon trade talk is true (I'm not convinced it is) then Bayless resigning with the Raptors would be a definate possiblity. So let's wait and see what happens over the next week or so. Jarryd Bayless really wants to remain a Raptor, so he might be willing to wait a little longer to see if they will clear some space for him.

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The real story of Green’s

The real story of Green’s return is about the Celtics remaining competitive. Age hasn’t significantly deteriorated the skills of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, but Ray Allen left for the Miami HEAT and Boston needs someone to step up.

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