Battle of The ATLiens Dwight Howard vs Derrick Favors (Measureables)

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we should save this thread

you think when Perry Jones comes out we will be having this same discussion he has also been knocked for not being aggressive enough in some peoples opinions.

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Am I the only one who noticed

Am I the only one who noticed Dwight ran a 3.14 3/4 court? That is really fast, especially for a center.

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Iggy: You can't tell whether

Iggy: You can't tell whether or not a player has the aggressiveness to be an allstar in just their first yr, I think Favors has more fire in his belly than you know. He definitely has the athleticism and that is what most people see that makes them see he can and will be an all star. McGrady didn't do hardly anything in the NBA for several years, he played in Toronto and didn't do anything to show he was going to be an allstar.

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It's obvious

Iggy, it's obvious you don't like Favors, just as it's obvious that some of us do and think more highly of him. Whether he becomes the player we think he will be is dependant on one thing, and that's the kid's attitude and desire. I think he's got the desire and the determination to succeed. We'll see. The physical talent is there for greatness.

It's fruitless to look at GT and make comparisons off of that, you said he can't create and demand the ball. What does that mean? If you're a PF or C who doesn't touch the ball because the guards who are dominating the ball refuse to pass it to you, is that your fault?

GT has been a nightmare for players lately, mostly because of the coach, his system, and his refusal to demand the guards play team ball and not hog the majority of touches. Same thing is happening with Jones at Baylor, where the guard play was simply about as selfish and foolish as I've seen in a long time. Senior guards who thought they should be taking the shots when someone like Jones was on the court. Incredible. I hope for the Jazz's sake that trend continues this year, and Jones is available at the GS pick the Jazz own.

When you've got a horse, you ride it. Let's just see what happens.

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True story

you think when Perry Jones comes out we will be having this same discussion he has also been knocked for not being aggressive enough in some peoples opinions.

Hell yes.

I think it's part of the reason he went back to school, he felt he hadn't accomplished anything. As I indicated in the previous post, it's not all his fault. One of the things I like about Perry Jones is his unselfishness, his willingness to defer to his teammates. Which was probably a mistake for the good of the team.

We'll go through this again, unless his coach gets kicked in the head and gets some sense.

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My opinion on Derrick Favors

My opinion on Derrick Favors is this...He has all of the physical attributes and talent to be a top power forward in the game one day, He's only 20 and his potential is really high. My knock on him though is kind of the same thing that was said about Rudy Gay and is still said about Rudy Gay sometimes, he doesn't have the killer instinct/ motor. At least not yet. Rudy Gay has gotten better as an overall player as his career has went on but he should be putting up more than 17.8 points, 5.6 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.3 steals, and 0.9 blocks. He should have better stats than that for a player who was said to have the highest potential in the 2006 draft class. But Rudy has gotten better and worked on his game, last off season he said he gained 19 pounds of muscle so he could compete with the other top small forwards in the league. So I think the same thing will happen with favors, Good player, all star at some point, but never dominant. But I think he will get better as he goes on. Rudy Gay was also drafted at 19. Same age as Favors.

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personally, i think favors

personally, i think favors has great potential, we can all agree on that.. he has the work ethic i think to be reall good

but i dont think we can assume just yet he doesnt have "IT" to be a great player or the killer instinct, true he is 19

and we never know, he can be a 20 ppg scorer or be a stromile swift player one day

hes very raw, and came on strong at the end of the season, but take in account what iggy 9 was saying about playing time at the end of the season

none of us know whats really gnna happen to favors like i stated

look at jermaine oneal for an example, took him a good four yrs to get established and find a consistent role and really break out

now will favors turn out to be jermaine oneal in his prime healthy? idk, i hope so lol

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"Iggy, it's obvious you don't

"Iggy, it's obvious you don't like Favors, just as it's obvious that some of us do and think more highly of him."

I hate when people do this. Why do I hate him? Because I don't think his an All-Star I hate him?? I don't even know the man, so how can you say I hate him? You don't know what I hate, so it's not obvious at all that I hate him. I repeatedly have said going to be a solid starter, it's not like I'm saying the guy is going to be a bust. The lamest thing in the world to me is whn people say stuff like you're "hating" on somebody just because you have a difference perception of them. Get it together man...

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Whoa, Dude

Where is the word hate?

I said you didn't like him as a player as much as I and others do, that's a completely different thing. Other people mentioned haters, not me. I don't think they meant personally, either.

If I say I don't like a player, it's that I don't like the way he plays. We don't even really know the players at all.

I can see why you feel that way a little, but I think there were some extenuating circumstances. The system at GT, all the bullcrap at NJ with the trades getting into Favor's head..

I make mistakes about players all the time, if you speculate about a player or project what he's going to be, then that's just part of the game.

If I'm making a mistake about Favors, we'll find out. Then I'll eat crow,(it doesn't taste very good) and we'll go on being NBA fans.

I sincerely hope I'm not, because the Jazz would be in trouble.

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Derrick Williams will gain

Derrick Williams will gain mass after some growth hormone use and instantly be Superman 2.0.

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IGGY,,, isn't you the same


isn't you the same person who two years ago was saying Favors would have now problem with 20/10 stats and would be comparable to b-easy?? i remember yoir debates with quincy..and after he had only average season you really really started to hate him..

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That was before Iggy and Quincey became the same person.

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LOL, Favors won't be anything

LOL, Favors won't be anything close to Dwight.

I think he will be similar to Chris Wilcox.

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Is this thread for real? Wait till Favors at least becomes a full time starter before we start comparing him to the most dominate big man since Shaq.

BTW, anyone else ever think about how Dwight got so dam huge? I know he loves to work out and all, plus he had the frame but damm. Same with LeBron. Not accussing anyone of anything, but I have often wondered about steroids and HGH in the NBA...

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Favors asked for the ball he

Favors asked for the ball he just didn't always get it. Shumpert even admited he didn't use Lawal and Favors as much as he should have. Favors - Wilcox comaparison is not a good one...he will be a better NBA player.

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Residing in New York, I

Residing in New York, I caught some glimpses of him while he played (I use the term loosely) for the Nets but they never really wanted the kid and the emergence of Humphries really posed a setback in his progression. I mean, let's face it. With talk of trading him for Melo shortly after he was drafted they only picked him up for bait. I like the fit in Utah because he has a couple of forward types (Al Jeff/Millsap) to help mentor him and grow. Also they generally do a good job of investing in productive forward types (Malone, Boozer, Al Jeff, Millsap, and now Favors) so I think it's good fit and obviously there is a logjam there right now though they probably view it as depth which is always a good thing to have. That their combine measurements are eerily similar bodes well for him but the mindset is pretty much what it boils down to. He did look timid and awkward at times but then again he is a kid and is learning and he probably didn't want to step on anyone's toes. In interviews he's said the right things but you just don't know exactly where their head and their hunger is at until they show it on the court. But that's why I have faith that his potential will materialize because Utah knows how to cultivate their bigs and upon Jerry Sloan's resignation Karl Malone was interviewed and said he would help in the organization any way he could if he was asked. So as a last (or first) resort type thing depending on how you look at it, he could potentially mentor him the way that Stockton did with D-Will. So the measurements are nice, obviously those are great signs but they are not everything. Remember, Dwight pretty much lived in the weight room to get to where he's at so he has an uncanny worth ethic that Favors will need to duplicate if he ever has hopes of becoming a spitting image.

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