The Basketball Video Game I'd like to see

I have thought about this for a while and here is the basketball video game I'd like to see.

1) You start off in college any college of your choice. Just like the NBA 2K series you have skill points in college. You can create a player whether it be a point guard from 5'5- 6'9" shooting guard from 6'0- 6'10, small forward from 6'4- 6"11, power forward, 6'5- 7'2" center 6'7"- 7'10" .

2) You choose whether you want to be a scorer, 3pointer, all around, defensive, low post, back to basket etc etc etc

3) You choose when you want to leave for college and try out for the NBA. You have to at least do one year though.

4) Of course the better you are the higher you will project in the draft. I think this would be a fun game and yes though you'd have to use the NCAA and NBA but it would be one heck of a great game to play.

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Id like a college basketball

Id like a college basketball with a my player mode sort of like Grand theft auto you start out in high school being recruited, and get offered prostitutes, and bling, and tattoes from teams, and you go around campus doing whatever you want, you can even pull a Reeves Nelson and piss on your teammates clothes when hes sleeping, put them on his bed and flip it over.

You can get get laid as much as you want on campus, and get in trouble with the police and get technicals, and start fights on the court, and be like Sheed and swear like crazy on the court.

Until you get kicked off the team and enter the nba draft.

And if you to Butler yo get to bang Gordon Haywards sister.

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I like your style man. I like your style.

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that would rock on the Vita.

that would rock on the Vita. And when the MGS HD collection is released I might just buy a Vita. I gotta pay for a wedding money is tight.

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