Basketball things we know and maybe some of us miss, and others we don't like

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Basketball things we know and maybe some of us miss, and others we don't like

I think of myself as a Basketball Junkie and i feel a true love for the game but what about now and then, what do we miss and don't like in the game i made my opinion on that i hope you all enjoy

Old Way

- Physical Play

- Trash Talking

- Chewing Gum


- True Centers

- More Competition, you had a lot of good players in various teams you had hate and respect every player had hate for their opponent it was the way for them to compete and was part of the respect they have Bird vs Magic, Bad Boys vs MJ, MJ against all of the great players he faced he competed and worked harder

- Hand Checking was part of the game

- Respect for the Game

- Love for the Game

New Way

- Hand Checking Rule

- To much Flopping

- Players wearing Mouthpieces

- To much whinning to the refs

- Lost of Fundamentals

- Bad Referees

-Complaining about everything in the game when they are playing

- The death of the Centers

- Evolution of the game (Bigs can run the floor well, handle the ball like a guard and shoot 3pts) this is actually a good thing
- Players are Prima Donnas

- Better Athletes, yes the human being evolves the medicine evolves, the nutrition and work outs regiment evolved too, attention i'm not saying in the old school the players wheren't athletic and we started watching an evolution in the 80's and 90's, but you actually see more athletic players than back in the days

- Lost of Height

By Position

- 2012: PG: 6'1", SG: 6'4". SF: 6'7", PF: 6'9", C: 6'10"
- 2011: PG: 6'2", SG: 6'6", SF: 6'8", PF: 6'10", C: 6'11"

2012-13 league average is 6'7

the best was 6'7.62 in 1986-1987 season- tallest Manute Bol- 7'7, Chuck Nevitt- 7'5, Mark Eaton- 7'4, Sampson- 7'4, Randy Breuer- 7'3, Shortest- Bogues- 5'3, Spudd- 5'7,

the worst was 6' 6.3" 2006–07 season- tallest Yao Ming- 7'6 Shortest- Boykins 5'5, Robinson- 5'9...

This doesn't mean if you taller you are better not true, all of this taller players where good shot blockers not great offensive players, Well Yao and Sampson where different a great players and the short ones where good players lol

If i miss something please elucidate me thanks and enjoy

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