"basketball sensation" Paul Davis on Orlandos Summer League team

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"basketball sensation" Paul Davis on Orlandos Summer League team

Oh, he wont make the team or anything crazy like that, but besides that amazing game he played in against Gonzaga at the Maui Invitational, the one thing i will remember him for is this

His skills in basketball didnt get him much out of the NBA, but his bowling prowess apparently netted him the following:

girl cleaning his condo
girl cleaning his condo in a French maid's get-up and stripper heels
girl making him sushi
girl making him French toast in the morning

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Paul Davis

I remember this guy playing for the Wizards last year. He played assistant coach Sam Cassel one on one and lost 11-2........ The fat announcer on the local channel then said that he could even beat Paul Davis one on one.

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This clip is a classic, my brother sent it to me a few years back. I remember Paul was like a top 5 or so high school player, but by his Junior year in college, everyone pretty much was over the hype. But a few of my friends and I were watching an MSU game in the tourney, and one of my good friends tend to state his opinion on sports quite bluntly. However, while he does know sports and reads about it often, he was a little off on this one. He said, and I quote, "And there's Paul Davis, who is so good it's scary!" At that point, I totally call him out, as do a bunch of my other friends, and we all had a good laugh :). Ever since than, whenever my brother, or some of my other friends see Paul Davis, we have the perfect phrase to describe him!

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