basketball hall of fame reminder

sunday at 2pm et nbatv will be showing the basketball hall of fame which will include gary payton, oscar schmidt, bernard king, richie guerin, dawn staley, roger brown, and coaches rick pitino, guy lewis, jerry tarkanian, and sylvia hatchell. check it out! if i'm on saturday night, i'll try to put another reminder. many deserving hall of fame basketball greats!

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I'm glad Tark is getting

I'm glad Tark is getting inducted. I absolutely loved the 1990 and 1991 UNLV teams. Andy Katz wrote a good article recently on him and his loyalty to his players on recently. That 1991 team has to go down as one of the best college basketball teams of all-time even though they didn't repeat and lost to Duke 79-77 in the national semi-final.

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Is it just me or do other

Is it just me or do other people only watch like half of the hall of fame speeches. I record it on my DVR then I go back and will probably watch rick Pitino, Bernard King, Gary Payton, Dawn Staley(I dont think I have ever watched a woman get inducted) since I have only really watched it the last 5 years. Then if one of the other guys seems interesting then I will watch them.

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all of them deserve hall of

all of them deserve hall of fame, but i'm really excited for oscar schmidt. how is he not already in the hof!? he is for fiba, but he should have easily been in already imo.

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