Barring injuries, Heat are pretty much a lock to repeat

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Barring injuries, Heat are pretty much a lock to repeat

seriously, can't see any team dethroning them. These dudes aren't even trying right now and they're still the best team in the NBA. LBJ is too dominant, KD has nothing on him, and Westbrook is a horrible decision maker.

The only team in the future I can see dethrone them is the Houston Rockets. James Harden will probably be the best player in the league one day, so when that time comes Harden will be the new King but that's not right now.

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I really like james harden. I

I really like james harden. I love it when superstar talent is sent to teams that are cursed not to have the sufficient record to make the playoffs but are too high up to get lottery draft picks. But the best player 1 day? I think that that title will belong to either lebron or durant for the next 8-10 years. + lebron not harden is THE real KING JAMES

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they should repeat, but

they should repeat, but nothing is a given in this league.

the lakers MIGHT get it together...

the thunder MIGHT shoot hot enough in a series and work the matchups correctly...

the knicks MIGHT get even stronger with Amare's return, and play just enough D to win a series...

the clippers MIGHT prove the mayans were right...

but yes, this year's Heat is last year's + two point guards with a year's more clutch experience, and two more excellent shooters in Allen and Lewis. So they really should win it.

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The only team you see

The only team you see dethroning the Heat in the future is the Rockets? Seriously?

The way the Knicks are looking now without 2 key players in their rotation not playing at all this season has me very optomistic about their future. Coming down the stretch there may not be a more deeper and complete team than the Knicks with true backups at every position and a good mix of youth and vet experience. Let's not mention they beat the Heat by 20 twice already this year, but of course you'll say the Heat weren't playing hard.

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The Heat are probably the

The Heat are probably the favourites to retain and I would expect to see them in the Conference Finals at least but I would also expect the Thunder to be likely conference finalists and I agree that the Knicks do finally look like challengers but we do need to see them win a play off series or two first.

The Clippers are on a great run and like the Knicks have huge depth and I would never right off the Spurs having one more run and the Lakers if they do get the system right have all the tools to make it to the business end of the play offs.

James Harden is a great player and looks an elite scorer but I would not put him as potentially the 2nd best player behind LeBron in the NBA unless he became a Kobe or KD like scorer over a sustained period of time and took his team to play offs every year.

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