Barg, Millsap, and Utah get their point gaurd for the future.

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Barg, Millsap, and Utah get their point gaurd for the future.

Had to show you guys this. With the trade dead line coming up. I think something has to happen.

This trade is to send Milsap to Toronto, Barg to the Clips, and Odom, an Bledsoe to Utah.

Tor: Millsap
Clips: Barg
Utah: Bledsoe an Odom

The Clippers need a guy at the end of the game to hit free throws. They could use Bargnani for that, and as a third big off the bench to hit a couple three's, and grab a few board's. He's pretty good. Plus with Chris Paul feeding him he will hit more three's.
Bledsoe gives Utah a PG for the future. Odom is to match saleries.
Millsape gives the Raptor's a solid offencive weapon, who will grab around 8 board's and give you 2 block's. He's has a good inbetween shot, and can hit the odd three.

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Why would the clippers give up their best bench weapon for Bargnani and his terrible contract?

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LOL at Clippers wanting

LOL at Clippers wanting Bargnani. Raps are going to have a hard time GIVING him away.

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As a Raptor fan I'd cry tears

As a Raptor fan I'd cry tears of joy if this happened. But as a human I fear for the safety of the people in Los Angeles when Clippers fans burn down the Staples Center.

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Can someone please explain me

Can someone please explain me why Bledsoe is everybody's PG of the future? Sure, he plays nice for LAC, especially on defense and in transition, but his playmaking is still shaky in my opinion, and he is not a good shooter either.

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Defense, hustle and rebounds.

Defense, hustle and rebounds. Per 36 of 20-5-5 doesn't hurt, either. He's not a pure point at all, but he'd work well in a dual ball handler setting with Burks or Hayward.

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