Balsa Koprivica, Matthew Van Komen, Chol Marial: The 7-ft Rising 9th Graders

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Balsa Koprivica, Matthew Van Komen, Chol Marial: The 7-ft Rising 9th Graders

Wasn't going to post this because I'm sure you've already seen more Chol Marial articles these past few days than you want, but another video of the 7'3'' rising 9th grader was just release a few hours ago, and it's pretty entertaining. Plus 7'0'' Balsa Koprivica & 7'3'' Van Komen are definitely worth getting to know as well.

I go into detail about all three players in the article, but what I don't mention is the results from yesterday's AAU event that both Koprivica & Marial competed in.

In the 4th and final session of the 2015 NYBL (one of the top middle school events in the country), Balsa & Chol's Team Florida squad made it to the the Final 4 along with Ball4Lyfe, West Coast/City Stars, & A.O.T.

Even though Team Florida had both 7-footers patrolling the paint, Ball4Lyfe actually pulled off the upset 59-53. Ball4Lyfe would eventually defeat A.O.T in the championship game, taking home the 2015 NYBL tittle in the c/o 2019 division.

I'm sure you could care less about all this, but I just wanted to catch you up to speed. Anyways...7-footers don't grow on trees...and 7-foot rising 9th graders are another breed entirely. These 3 definitely can play, but they also have a lot of work ahead of them. Either way, this defintely won't be the last you hear from these modern day giants.

Balsa Koprivica, Matthew Van Komen, Chol Marial: 7-foot Rising 9th Graders

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