Bad Lamar Odom News

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Bad Lamar Odom News

DUI arrest for Odom this morning.

I hope this guy gets some help. He needs it.

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I hope he helps himself.

That's what he really needs. Talking to people about your problems does not often fix your problems in my experience. Neither does rehab (though the necessary separation from the addiction can help in the short-run sometimes). The people who really overcome their problems are those who actively battle their demons and never become lazy in their effort to overcome them. Once you relax and think you're over your issues is precisely when they get you.

Personal demons never go away--they are an eternal struggle. You have to become severely self-disciplined to beat them. You have to become a person that is willing to kick their ass on a daily basis and never get tired of doing it. I have never seen that kind of fire in Odom. Hopefully he changes.

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This is one of the most

This is one of the most intelligent, honest, and insightful posts/replies I've read on this site. You're 100% correct, he does need to deal with his demons. EVERYONE does it but it's once you find a perceived coping mechanism like drugs that you lose your mental ability to handle it. Addiction is that in a nutshell. It can range from internet to Heroin.

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