Awards predictions:

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Awards predictions:

MVP:Kobe, he'll lead the lakers to another championship year(I expect hatred for this)
MIP: Derrick Rose, he could be a 23+ point guy especially if Gordon leaves.
DMVP: Dwight Howard, he could win this award for the next ten years.
ROY: Blake Griffin, they should have an award for second this year.
All-NBA 1st team:
G. Kobe Bryant-My MVP
G. Brandon Roy- His team will be even better which propels him to first team
C. Dwight Howard- Don't expect alot of change here for a while
F. Lebron James-See Above ^
F. Tim Duncan- With Jefferson the spurs are really good and so is Duncan
2ND TEAM: GUARDS-Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade FORWARDS-Kevin Durant, Carmel Anthony CENTER- Pau Gasol
This is my opinion and I would like to see yours.

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hopefully your last.

hopefully your last.

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Wade isn't even on the 1st team! I doubt Duncan will be.

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Griffin isn't a lock for ROY

Griffin isn't a lock for ROY at all. Curry should easily outscore him and guys like Flynn, Evans, Harden should all get more minutes/opportunity than him and they have other tools besides athleticism and hard work and a good game inside the paint. Griffin can get decent numbers on talent alone but he is not very skilled and Curry with the warriors seems like a good pick for ROY. He will most likely have the green light to shoot whenever he wants.

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Flynn and Evans are my picks

Flynn and Evans are my picks to win ROY, Flynn will run the show in Minnesota and be their 2nd scoring threat after Jefferson (Love is not a big time scorer at all). Evans will get plenty of shots, minutes and chances to put up big numbers for SAC.

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I don't think wade will be

I don't think wade will be as good this year as he was last, all those minutes will eventually get to him. People need to see that Flynn and Evans aren't that good. It's just a weak draft. Curry is a good shooter but he's not strong nor big enough to finish the ball.

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MVP: Dwight Howard - It'll

MVP: Dwight Howard - It'll come down between Dwight & LeBron. LeBron will have the numbers & it'll be hard not to give it to him, but I just think that D12 will put it all together next season.

MIP: J.R. Smith (Will be the starter at shooting guard next season). Did you see him vs the Lakers in the playoffs?

DMVP: Dwight Howard - He's only going to get better on defense. This award is his for the forseeable future.

ROY: Blake Griffin IF... The Clippers trade Zach Randolph. If not, then I'm going w/ James Harden who'll probably be the starter from day one. I think Jordan Hill will be a possibility here too, especially if the Knicks trade David Lee.

ALL-NBA 1st Team: Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony (Will EXPLODE next season), Kobe Bryant & Dwayne Wade.
ALL-NBA 2nd Team: Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy & Chris Paul

* I'm not sure how healthy Yao Ming, Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett will be next season... Either one of these three could easily move up to the 2nd team if healthy.

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MVP: LeBron James - He is

MVP: LeBron James - He is the MVP for at least the next 2 years unless Kobe just explodes. But I see LBJ keeping his award this year.

Most Improved: Michael Beasley - I'm not a Beasley fan but they guy has finnaly figured it out. He will start at the 3 and play the 4 and be the second scoring option for the Heat. More minutes, more points, more rebounds, more wins.

Defensive POY: Dwight Howard - Just like LBJ, this is Howards award for at least the next 2 years unless someone just explodes. However, this is Howards this year.

ROY: Blake Griffin - Regardless of what the Clippers do, Griffin is going to play and put up good numbers. He will be a 15ppg and 8rpg rookie. Who else is going to compete with that?

6th MOY: JR Smith - The Nuggets are going to be even better this year and if they lose Kleiza, Smith will have to pick up his scoring. Getting 20ppg off the bench has this award written all over it.

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MVP- Lebron James, once he got it last year it wont leave his hands for a while
DPOY- Dwight Howard should take this again unless KG comes back strong and leads the Celtics to a #1 defense
MIP- maybe, just maybe Greg Oden, if he stays healthy for a whole season and staying out of foul trouble, he will show his defensive prowess and rebounding skills that will thus give him points, he's my dark horse
ROY- Derazon, will get lots of playing time, thus scoring oppurtunities with the weak wings of the Raps
6th Man-Manu if they keep him in that position and he stays healthy

these will all change due to free agent signings and trades that will come up soon

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mvp- wade- i think with

mvp- wade- i think with beasley starting and chalmers improving, the heat have a better team than 08-09
mip- danilo gallinari- i think hes going to see some good minutes next year and produce well for dantoni
dpoy- howard- no explanation necessary
6 moy- jr smith- looks like hes starting to put it together
roy-harden- griffin will have a hard time getting minutes unless a trade happens
all nba: paul, wade, bryant, james, howard
2team: williams, roy, garnett, bosh, duncan

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A lot of interesting choices here

MVP: LeBron James - The man is the best player in the world, and the Cavs should win 65+ games again next season.

MIP: Tyrus Thomas - With a full season as a starter under his belt, Thomas is ready to blossom.

DPOY: Kevin Garnett - This season should serve as a last stand for both Garnett and Tim Duncan.

6th Man: Manu Ginobili - There simply isn't another player of his caliber who doesn't start.

ROY: Blake Griffin - If he's not playing 30+ minutes per game, the Clippers are screwing up. Then again, we're talking abou the Clippers. 

All-NBA 1st Team: Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard

All-NBA 2nd Team: Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy, Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh, Shaquille O'Neal

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My picks

MVP - Kobe gets his second
DPOY - Dwight - will lead the league in block shots again
6th man - JR Smith unless he becomes a starter
ROY - Flynn or Curry Both teams have no point guard and they will get lots of playing time. Harden and Griffin is surrounded with talent and will not stand out. They are there to help not transform. Evans will not get as many shots because they have K Martin and Garcias.
1st team: CP3, KB, LBJ, KG, Howard
2nd team: Wade, Roy, Melo, Bosh, Duncan - would pick Yao but he is already done for 2009.

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MVP: LeBron James- he's got

MVP: LeBron James- he's got a lock on probably the next 3-5.

DPOY: Dwight Howard- same goes for he gains more discipline he'll stay out of foul trouble, thus his minutes will go up, and so will his blocks & rebs.

6th man: because JR Smith is supposed to start this season I'm gonna say...Barbosa, the Suns are trading everyone, Nash is getting older, he's gonna see big minutes and get a lot of shots.

MOP: JR Smith- if he starts he's gonna get 20 a game, making him a lock for this award.

ROY: James Harden- he's the most NBA ready of all the lottery picks, he's on a young run & gun team, and he's gonna get the most minutes...dude has a polished all-around game ala Brandon Roy(who also won the award) when he came out.

Coach of the Year: Nate McMillan- that Portland team just keeps getting better and better, he's the perfect coach for that young group of guys.

All NBA 1st team: Wade, Kobe, LeBron, Amare, Dwight

All NBA 2nd team: CP3, Roy, Carmelo, KG, Gasol

All NBA 3rd team: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Granger, Durant, Jefferson

I see Duncan missing a large portion of games so I didn't put him on an all NBA team...and the 3 youngsters I put on the 3rd team all made their mark last year and are only going to improve!!!

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my list

MVP- Lebron James- I thnk it will be similar to last year with Wade, Kobe and LBJ fighting it out. But Wade is probably a step below the other two and Kobe is gonna be 31 years old. They will probably limit his minutes again.

Defensive POY- DHoward. With more offensive help around him he should be hungry as ever.

Rookie-Johnny Flynn. Assuming Rubio does'nt play there, he should have all the minutes he wants and he is nba ready. I give him the nod over Griffin, because Griff won't have the ball in his hands all game, should get less minutes, and opponents are gonna want to shut him down becuse all his hype.

MIP-Brook Lopez. Dude has skill and with Carter gone, he could become the focal point on offense.

6th man- AI. I think he accepts a 6th man roll and looks for redemption.(this one is just a crazy guess)

1st team-Kobe, Wade,Lebron,Dirk, DHoward

2nd team-Paul, DRose, Anthony, Gasol, Duncan.(Rose might be a stretch, but I'll admit, I'm drinking the kool-aid on him)

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i hope

this is the year when deron williams gets his due and makes the leap from unknown to 2nd team all nba

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I like you. Is Deron Williams your favorite player?

Deron Williams made the all nba 2nd team two years ago. But he still hasn't played in an all-star game...

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MVP:Kobe Bryant- He will be

MVP:Kobe Bryant- He will be be the best player on the best team...again.

MIP: Anthony Randolph- could be a solid 19ppg -11rpg player.

DMVP:Andre Iguadala- Shock? I think he will show more improvement...and win a DMVP.

ROY: Terrence Williams- T- will maybe the legit #2 option in NJ and may get alot of chances to score.

6th Man- Richard Hamilton- He is the Favorite.

Coach- Stan Van Gundy

All NBA 1st team- Paul, Kobe,James, Garnett, Howard
All NBA 2nd team- Rose, Wade, Durant, Dirk, Gasol

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Trevor Ariza is a

starter, no Melo ? Kobe will win no more MVP's imo

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MVP: Lebron James- similar case to his MVP season, he'll be the best player on the best team. WIll contend with Kobe, Wade, Dwight, and even Brandon Roy.

MIP: Brandon Rush- towards the end of the season he had five 20-point games with increased minutes, and I think he'll
improve especially with Marquis Daniels on the move and I believe he'll beat Dunleavy out for the starting spot

DPOY: Ron Artest- I think whichever team signs up via free angeny will have a better record and be a playoff contender. Artest will be given props for his defense.

ROY: Blake Griffin- with Z-Bo gone for good, Griffin will get the majority of the minutes at the 4 position. i believe Kama.n will be next to leave so he'll have the liberty to do his thing down low

6th Man: Ben Gordon- assuming Rip Hamilton is starting and still in the team, Gordon will come off the bench and provide instant offense he brought in Chicago

All-Rookie First Team: Blake Griffin, James Harden, Jonny Flynn, Hasheen Thabeet, Tyreke Evans

All-Rookie Second Team: Tyler Hansbrough, Earl Clark, Stephan Curry, Jordan Hill, Gerald Henderson

All-NBA First Team: Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki

All-NBA Second Team: Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'neal

All-NBA Third Team: Kevin Garnett, Chauncey Billips, Al Jefferson, Pau Gasol,Vince Carter

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MVP: Lebron James. Some

MVP: Lebron James. Some might argue, but if you switch Kobe and Lebron, I dont think Cleveland will be that good

MIP: Michael Beasley. If Spoelstra starts him at the 4 instead of Hasbeen, He will be a 20-10 guy AT LEAST.

DMVP: Dwight Howard. No comment

ROY: Blake Griffin. With Randolph gone, he can show his true potential.

6th Man: Manu Ginobili. You know he deserves it.

All-Rookie Team: Hasheem Thabeet, Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans, James Harden, Stephen Curry

All NBA First team: LBJ, Kobe, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, Melo

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