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avery bradley

ive never seen him play untill the highschool championship tournament thing in dc..after seeing that tournement and the mcdonaleds/hoop summit/ and jordan game i am very convinced that this guy is gonna be a very very good player..only knock is can he play the far as long and mid range game he is very good and he is said to be the top defender in the top highschool player list and i see why wall had a pretty hard time going past him and got plucked twice tryin gto be 2 not saying hes better then wall but from what i see hes a better scorer because of his deep and midrange game...keep a eye on this kid..hes going to texas

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Avery Bradley

I think that he can be a very good college player. but if he doesnt learn how to play the point, then he is really going to run into some trouble

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He is a great defender...he

He is a great defender...he will be on the all-big 12 defense team as a freshman...easily. He will probably be a 1st teamer immediately too. He is a nice scorer and is a good athlete. Good all around player, but he is too small for 2 guard when you talk about his draft prospect though. He will have to develop pg skills eventually

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