Austin Rivers

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Austin Rivers

Do you think Austin Rivers is in the long term plans of the pelicans. He signed 2 yr rookie contract..not sure if there's the 3rd year team option. In today's game his stats have looked good but if you have actually been watching the game and not just reading the stats you can clearly see that Rivers has some glaring weakness in his game. He can't finish at the rim what so ever. Needs to be more consistent at the free throw line and his D is very suspect. They have holiday, Gordon and Evans all signed to multiple year there room on this team for him? I'm really thinking he might be overseas in a couple of years.

Also, whoever says summer league doesn't matter is tripping. Kids play harder in these games than most NBA regular season games. Tell Jeremy Lin that these games don't matter. I really enjoy watching these games. It's a college game setting with only pro could you not like watching.

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Every rookie contract has a

Every rookie contract has a 3rd and 4th year option. least in 2k.

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I think Rivers has finished

I think Rivers has finished well in this game. The Knicks are allowing him to go right which has helped, I don't remember him making a move to his left. He also hit a three at the end of the first half but that part of his game still isn't where it needs to be.

Hardaway is a chucker, Tyler has looked awful, and Shump hasn't been as good as I would expect.

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I think he is simply because

I think he is simply because they stuck their necks out to draft him. He's still only 19 or 20? He's got time. If anything he can shoot the ball and there are always spots for guys like that, especially with his handle. If he gets too carried away with wanting to be the focal point then yeah, he's gonna bounce around the league. But all things aside, he has Eric Gordon, Jrue Holiday, and Tyreke Evans to learn from. Not bad.

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I don't see him being

I don't see him being overseas in a few years, he just needs to find his niche in the league. He still seems to have great potential scoring wise and just needs to work on some flaws in his game. I think you're judging him too harshly, as the person above me said, he's young, he's got time.

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Rivers looks pretty good

Rivers looks pretty good right now, but the most impressive player on the floor for me is the "in-shape" Jeremy Tyler.

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Your saying summer league

Your saying summer league does matter and then start dogging a guy who has a 21/6/4 line with 4 minutes left saying he should go overseas? Which is it?

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He's easily looked like the

He's easily looked like the best player on the court in this game. I like what I'm seeing. His jumper still needs some work, but It's clear that he's been working hard in the weight room since last season. He had a lot of trouble last year because he was so weak, got bumped off of his spot much too easily. He's made a few finishes through contact, and has been able to continue driving with a few guys hanging on him.

He has been making decisive moves and has made some good passes as well. I think he made a huge mistake by coming out after 1 year. He needed to develop his body more. Now he looks more like what we were expecting.

I wonder how much PT he's going to get next year as the pelicans have one of the deepest backcourts in the NBA. Hopefully he will get some opportunities to show his development.

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hes a decent young

hes a decent young prospect...thats really it so far...he should be the 6th or 7th man for the Pelicans

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He had a really good game

He had a really good game just now. He played some PG too. Hopefully he keeps getting more confident, I think all he needs to continue to grow more is confidence. He's clearly a good natural talent with some promising skills.

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Thats what I been saying

Ankle issues in preseason hurt him last year too. J just needs to fall. Rest is simple he got skills.

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Do you have Jeremy Lin's

Do you have Jeremy Lin's number? I'll call him and tell him that the Summer League is pointless right now.

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That's just stupid man. Hella

That's just stupid man. Hella people are going to make their living from playing here. It's not just NBA scouts in attendance, but scouts from hella euro teams. Everyone pays their dues here, and It's a great time to work on your game.

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Rivers still can't go left

Rivers still can't go left and he did seem to struggle to finish at the rim with contact but he seems to added some strength

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He can go left. Just seems to

He can go left. Just seems to be reluctant to finish left. His on ball defense is really good and his ability to get in the lane is Tony Parker like at times. To me he has a really bright future. The question is if its with the Pelicans

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Guys that can go left...

Guys that can go left had better be able to finish left handed or have players around them that can finish left handed.

It's a rare gift to be able go left and finish STRONG left when it's not your dominate hand.

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