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As an Australian, the basketball future for my country is looking pretty good. Patty Mills just had a pretty good show out in the finals and Dante Exum and Ben Simmons are highly rate just on the horizon.

Kyrie Irivng holds dual citizenship with Australia and America, but he wants to represent USA not AUS.

Matthew Dellevedova played fairly well in his role on that Cavs team as well.

Aaron Baynes didn't play that much but he still got a ring this year.

Thon Maker, Jonah Bolden and Deng Adel are all Australians that look to be drafted in a few years

Cameron Baristow is entering the draft this year but may go undrafted.

If only Andrew Bogut could stay healthy

The Australian team for the next olympics or future FIBA tournaments looks pretty exciting for me!

PG: Mills, Dellevedova

SG: Exum, Adel

SF: Simmons, Bolden

PF: Baynes, Bairstow

C: Bogut, Maker

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In the next few years I

In the next few years I cannot wait to see the US, Canadian and Aussie teams go head to head. So much legit talent coming out from not only the US these international games are going to be NBA star loaded.

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Can't wait

Its good to see more NBA quality players come from outside the US. It can only help the game of basketball grow into the future. I still don't see Australia with the depth to beat a US or Canadian team (or even Spain for that matter) but we should be able to compete and hold our own for stretches. Hopefully this will be a springboard for basketball in Australia to really take off.

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Baynes is not a 4!

Baynes is not a 4!

Rip255 (not verified)

I like Simmons the most out of all the the up and coming Aussie Players. This is my perspective on each of them:

  • Simmons will be an all-star every season for 10 years. He reminds me a lot of Jamal Mashburn and Chris Webber in that he can handle the ball, make jumpshots and will be one of the best passing forwards in the league. I think he'll be a regular on All-NBA 2nd teams.
  • Exum will be a good player in the league who won't stand out due to the stacked nature of the PG position. I think he'll make a few All-NBA 3rd teams but I see him falling slightly short of John Wall's potential who is my pick to be the best PG for the next 5 years.
  • Thon Maker will be a nice pro, but comparisons with KD are ridiculous. He doesn't have the same offensive arsenal. His ceiling is Kevin Garnett and his floor is Perry Jones (who was also ranked #1 in his HS Class). My guess is that he's somewhere inbetween. I think he'll make a lot of mid-range shots and play great help defense.
  • Jonah Bolden will play 2 seasons at UCLA and be a mid to late 1st round draft pick in 2016. He will provide good minutes off the bench and wind up as a lesser version of Nic Batum.
  • Deng Adel is improving so fast and has good athleticism and a good motor. He is probably a 2nd round pick, but has the tools to move into the lottery if he develops a good outside shot.

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Other aussie players can

Other aussie players can come out of nowhere by that time also and make the team.

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In pretty sure Bogut already

In pretty sure Bogut already said he won't be doing any national team play for awhile most likely until the Olympics

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