Atlanta Hawks: Implode or Move on?

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Atlanta Hawks: Implode or Move on?

So we all know that this offseason could go one of two ways for the Hawks...either they could completely and utterly implode after they fail to re-sign JJ...or they could move on and try to maintain what what they have...I dont see them signing any FAs or any importance....I'd love to see us pick up Larry Sanders or Solomon Alabi, or even Hassan Whiteside as his stock seems to be dropping some (wish and a Definitely need a backup point but we can bargain in the 2nd round for that....I wish that they would trade Marvin Williams....but I dont see it happening with JJ possibly taking off...

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Let JJ go. draft a shooting

Let JJ go. Draft a shooting guard like Stephenson to come off the bench and start Teague and Crawford.

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Jeff Teague will be ready

Jeff Teague will be ready next season, no need for a back up. Not sure if they will be able to move Marvin Williams, he is kinka overpaid.

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Teague was the backup to

Teague was the backup to Bibby....Bibby's got 2 seasons left and at his rate.....we STILL will need a back up....Sherron Collins is lookin real good at 53....if he stays around that long...and ATL wont take Stephenson @ big man happy as this draft is.....we need somebody to take the pressure off Horford...he's doing more than he should be...

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Sign and Trade........

I know it's hard to get big names to come to the ATL, but with everything we have to build on, this could be the year that we get a few mid/high level looks............that is if we can actually get a good coach. and that is the biggest IF......

so for a sign and trade, how hard would it be for us to get involved in a big 3 or 4 team deal and package JJ along with M. Williams? Especially since we know JJ is looking to get a 6 year deal, i don't know if he will get max money, i know i wouldn't wan the Hawks to pay it to him, but if we could sign him and trade him and M. williams either together or separate, and get back some solid starters like maybe a David Lee, Devin Harris, or even Amare Stoudamire. We almost got Amare last year.

I could see a line up of:

J. Teague
D. Harris
J. Smoove
D. Lee
A. Horford

maybe sign a Nate Robinson with the mid level exception
and draft a SG/SF combo player that is ready to play. Like a Damion James.

J Smoove could play SF again, the only glaring weakness we would have is pure shooters, but thats what FA role players are for.

This does assume that Evans is going to stay, and that we can get JJ to sign a six year deal, and pick up pieces that NY, or NJ are trying to trade to get LBJ to come to their team and team up with JJ.

if there is any player that would fit well with LBJ it would be JJ. he didn't really like being "the man" every night, and if he can get paid to be #2 i bet he would take it!!

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Like the GM has said, there

Like the GM has said, there are no guys available when we pick in Rd 1 that are instant impact players. If they let JJ walk, it will be very interesting. Joe will not be an easy guy to replace. I think it depends who they hire as a coach too. JJ does a lot of things for the team and they want to keep Jamal coming off the bench

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Try to resign JJ. If he

Try to resign JJ. If he leaves, then just move on. NO real reason to blow it up. Thay are mostly young. Only real old guy is bibby and at 6 mill for the next 2 seasons, he is not killing their pay roll. He is no longer a starter in my book though. Teague should get the starting gig next year.

So basically, if joe leaves, keep the team together and try and move bibby if you can, but not a major need to do it. Otherwise, let the guys develop and try and get somebody through next years draft/ free agency when they will be about 15 mill under the cap.

I dont see much success in the next few years for the hawks either way, but there are some good pieces to build around.

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PG: Bibby is a liability on

PG: Bibby is a liability on D, and besides his shooting he doesn't really put pressure on the D on the offensive side either. Teague has nice quickness and has shown he can be one of, if not, the fastest player on the court. His lack of D and understanding of the Hawks system limited his time last year, but I think that was due to inexperience and I think he'll be a starter by about the 10th game or so next year.

SG: They'll try to resign Joe, but it's doubtful they'll be able to. Jamal Crawford is a proven starter in the NBA, but he's best when he can do what he did last year and be an instant offense type of player off the bench who stays in at the end of games. I think the Hawks really should look to pick up Lance Stephenson at 24, as he has 1st option potential. He could provide some scoring punch off the bat too.

SF: Marvin Williams will benefit from the new coach. He's a very good shooter who can also get to the rim well, post up, and crashes the offensive glass. Also a good defender against the Lebron's and Paul Pierce's in the East, and can play PF in small-ball lineups and be a mismatch. Mike Woodson underutilized Williams so bad that it should be criminal. They could use a backup, but they could aim in free agency for that.

PF: Josh Smith should be the 1st guy they trade if they want to rebuild. He's among the most versatile and gifted players in the NBA, but if he's not willing to change his attitude and play hard and smart he's no good for a playoff team. And if they do move him to get a C, it doesn't hurt that Horford would be able to play his natural PF position. Joe Smith is gonna be gone, so maybe they could use depth here. That would be better in free agency.

C: Horford is a PF, and they won't get better until they figure that out. He can be effective at C, but against teams like Orlando, won't be able to survive with him here in a playoff setting. This draft has nice depth at big man but none are true starters besides Cousins and Monroe, who will obviously be long gone. Solomon Alabi would be a solid pick, but he's a defensive specialist and a backup. Zaza Pachulia is a fan favorite who provides depth and toughness.

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Theres 2 situations if your the hawks

There is 2 situations for the hawks. Start over or continue with what they have started.

They wont resign JJ its just way it is.

If they wish to start over they have some assets they could use to acquire young talent. J smoove brings many things to the court. Is very good defender and seems to finally have realized he can't shoot 3's. I think him and Horford are the two most wanted players by other teams. I think they should hang on to Horford because he has showm he can play Center even though he would be better off as a Power Forward. J smoove could land some young talent and perhaps a SG who can come in and start and Crawford could continue is role as 6h man which I think is best for him. They also have the 24th in this years draft. If they want to keep starting Bibby then I think Stephenson would be a very good pick. If they plan on starting Teague I think with the 24th pick they need someone with a good range on there shoot. teague is most effective getting to the rim and putting pressure on the defense. They could and should resign Evans for the right price. Marvin Williams for me is someone that seems like he could do more than he does. Some days i feel he can be good 3rd scoring option and then other games feels as if hes better off as 8th man. If the teams feels they need another center if they move Horford to Power forward, they could look at Larry Sanders, Soloman Alabi. I think sanders will be gone so Alabi is more likely. He has more offesnive skills then Zaza.

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Josh Smith for Devin Harris and CDR

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I see this team imploding, I

I see this team imploding, I just do. Once Joe Johnson leaves this team will be anywhere from 7th to 10th in the eastern conference.

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They need to get a centre

They need to get a centre like Brandan Haywood, then they can play a HUGE line up.
No shooting at all though, maybe attempt to sign Ray Allen to move Crawford to the bench and add shooting, that'll be one of the best defensive frontcourts and one of the best benches and best shooting backcourts. A really interesting team to watch

PG Bibby
SG Ray Allen
SF Smith
PF Horford
C Haywood

Bench: Marvin Williams, Jeff Teague, Zaza, Crawford

This won't happen, but I'd love it

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Shooters.....thats one thing

Shooters.....thats one thing the Hawks dont and havent had....but need desperately......anyone that can shoot the ball well off a drive and kick offense like the Hawks should have would benefit them greatly....look how the Magic killed them in the playoffs...

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