Atlanta Hawks Bringing Back ’90s Gradients?

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Boy do I ever love social media, it sure makes my job of finding clues to new jerseys a little easier. Today the Atlanta Hawks were the latest to post a photo on one of their social media networks that gave a hint of what they will be wearing during the upcoming NBA season.

In the photo posted originally on their Facebook page and also shown below (with arrow added for your convenience) you can see the typical array of team jerseys hanging up in the closet – the regular “blah” set of navy blue and red the Hawks introduced a few seasons ago ending multiple decades of red and yellow as their primary colour scheme.

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“The difference is they’ll

“The difference is they’ll channel it the right way. They’ll come out in practice, work hard and make our team better. I think playing time will never be an issue.”

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If Ollie does indeed get

If Ollie does indeed get tabbed as the man to replace an all-time great in Calhoun, he has a difficult task on his hands. Calhoun has been campaigning for Ollie to be his replacement when the day came, but Ollie was not in a rush to take over. He was the first to admit that he had a lot to learn, but now it looks like he’ll be forced to learn under the fire.

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