Artem Pustovyi-anyone know him?

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Artem Pustovyi-anyone know him?

So I have been watching this big fella for quite a while, and though I know that this draft is loaded with decent big men, I really would find it hard to pass on him in the second round, if I needed a project at 5 (for teams with 3-4 picks in the draft, like the Hawks, it's a no brainer IMO).. Before you reject the thought, watch the video below.. He is 7'2 but very skinny (220 lbs, similar to rudy gobert) and facing a quite high level of cometition this year in Europe he showed flashes of a legit big man's game.. I like him a lot, sure he is not Cody Zeller but who knows what can happen in 5 years.. Heck he can even hit fadeaways with the D right on him, I see him developing into Ante Tomic/Stanko Barac 2.0 at worst.. Take a look and share your thoughts guys

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