Arron Afflalo - Trade Value?

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Arron Afflalo - Trade Value?

To follow up on my previous post, I was also interested in getting everyone's take on Arron Afflalo's trade value and/or perceived worth amongst league GM's. To me Arron proved that he can be an effective 2nd or 3rd option, but he's wasting his prime years on a re-building squad and could possibly fetch some MUCH needed rim protection for the Magic. Assuming Orlando GM Rob Hennigan does not draft Embiid & sticks with Vucevic as his long term Center, Orlando needs a defensive minded, shot blocking PF to pair next to him to shore up their defense.

Guys I think Hennigan would inquire about in a package built around Afflalo include (but are not limited) to:

Taj Gibson
John Henson
Brandon Wright
Bismack Biyombo
Markief Morris
Amir Johnson
Gorgui Dieng
Myers Leonard

What do you guys think? Could Orlando also flip the script and hold onto Afflalo for another year and look at somebody like Noah Vonleh to fill this need?

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The Bulls

I know they have had their eye on Afflalo for sometime. It would definitely hurt to give up Taj, but his trade value is probably not going to get any higher (6th man of the year) and than you can address replacing Taj with your two first round picks this summer. The Bulls desperately need to finally address their SG situation.

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They can also address their

They can also address their SG in the draft and keep Taj. Stauskas should be available at 16 or 19, and would be a great fit for the Bulls. Surrounding Rose with shooters is a smart idea.

I do like Afflalo, I just don't see the need to trade Taj for him. Especially when the Bulls are going to amnesty Boozer this offseason. Taj may be starting next year, unless Mirotic comes over.

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If they could trade him for

If they could trade him for Dieng, that would be great. A big men duo of Vucevic and Dieng would be fantastic: a shot blocker and a rebounder. I don't think Minnesota would be interested in doing this, though.

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As far as his destination, I

As far as his destination, I would like him to end up in Charlotte: he would be a solid addition to their current team, as a team player and good defender on the wing. He could play a nice role for them.

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I agree that Charlotte would

I agree that Charlotte would be a great fit for him, however Biyombo is not a starting caliber PF. There would need to be a pick involved as well as Orlando is looking to build a team.

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Amir Johnson for Afflalo would be interesting, but I doubt Toronto does it. Jordan Hill and Ed Davis would be other options in free agency.

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I consider Afflalo a

I consider Afflalo a borderline all-star. He's the kind of guy that would have great value to any team (that wasn't tanking). I'd be prepared to part with quite a lot to get him. Particularly because the championship runs through Miami and OKC, and he's a perfect match-up for LBJ and KD.

If Jrue Holiday got traded by Philly for the #6 pick (Nerlens Noel), I'd expect similar value for Afflalo. Maybe 7-12 range for a deeper draft such as this.

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I think Afflalo would fit the

I think Afflalo would fit the two wing dribble handoff offence in Toronto extremely well. Doubt the 20th pick and some future 2nds would get the job done though and I defenitely wouldnt want to part with Ross.

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