Arizona Recruiting

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Arizona Recruiting

In a few years, we are going to see a lot of former Wildcats doing well in the NBA, look back at the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons, and ask "How did they not win more games?"

I'm not a huge fan of Garrett's game, but he won't be the last Wildcat to leave for the NBA even though he was unproven at Arizona.

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The Wildcats need some

The Wildcats need some guards, Gabe Yourk doesn't seem to be as good as everyone thought he'd be (though he is just a freshman), Nick Johnson isn't really a point guard.
Maybe Rondae Jefferson can help setup their offense, though I haven't seen much of him.

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Parker Jackson-Cartwright is

Parker Jackson-Cartwright is coming in 2014.

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TJ McConnell is a transfer

TJ McConnell is a transfer they got coming in from Duquesne. He can run the point and shoot too. I expect him to start. Nick Johnson might not be a point but he can run the point in a pinch and can definitely defend the position. Gabe York was always overrated, but he'll be forced into a larger role. Elliott Pitts > Gabe York. Jordin Mayes kinda sucks but he'll still be around for depth purposes.

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They just lost another

They just lost another player.

They need to raid the juco ranks or something.

Particularly get some outside shooting.

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They are fine... With TJ and

They are fine... With TJ and Gabe at the point Zona will be good. Rondae can play on or off the ball.. The frontcourt will be solid, they will take a couple games to adjust but overall a top 10 team is what i expect. I wanna see Gabe kill it this year with AG and B Ash.

Gabe/TJ or whoever beats the other out
Brandon Ash/AG

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Why is Sean Miller recruiting so many forwards? What happened to Ariz being Point Guard U? That's the main reason they haven't had much success really in his tenure

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I knew Angelo chol was gonna

I knew Angelo chol was gonna have to transfer, he's a solid big man but they just recruited him out of the rotation. As good as their frontcourt is, they do lose their two best players from last season graduated. Well see how they do but I don't think it's any kind of given they win the PAC 12.

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I think a sweet 16 and elite 8 appearance in his first 5 years isn't all that bad.

I was surprised Chol didn't transfer earlier, the writing was on the wall, but it was unfortunate since you could see his development two years ago and he was a strong defender who's offensive skills were coming along,

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I can't wait until UNLV goes

I can't wait until UNLV goes to Arizona and blows them out in front of their own fans. UNLV intends to run a full court press next season, and I don't think Arizona matches up too well against the press.

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